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Be My Guest On Tuesday: Self Love by T.L. Clark

Long time no see! In this edition of Be My Guest On Tuesday I’m bringing TL Clark to your attention. She’s a British author with a penchant for love stories and coffee according to her bio. Today she’d like to bring your attention to her latest release, a witty tale of Self Love. If you enjoy tales of personal growth with tears of both sadness … Continue reading Be My Guest On Tuesday: Self Love by T.L. Clark

Be My Guest On Tuesday: Jennifer Bene and Destruction

It’s been a while since I had any guests here so I thought it was appropriate to invite the lovely Jennifer Bene to showcase her latest dark romance, Destruction. As you can guess, it’s a book not intended for the faint of heart but there’s a thrilling sensuality about it, just read the teasers to feel it. Who knows, it might be just the right … Continue reading Be My Guest On Tuesday: Jennifer Bene and Destruction

Be My Guest On Tuesday: Summer Graystone and Gaining Maisy

tuesdayIt’s a special Tuesday for one special and sweet young lady named Summer Graystone. Her novella Gaining Maisy has been in the works for quite some time and today those who have been eagerly waiting to get their copy. To all the curvy girls who would love a personal trainer/firm and sensual Dom who would put you through your paces. Do you need more inspiration for your workout? Then that book would be perfect for you.



Gaining Maisy

Summer Graystone's Gaining Maisy


Ready to start over and escape the demons of her past relationship, Maisy Dennis is hell-bent on getting in shape, building some confidence, and enjoying life.

After joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer, Maisy receives more hands-on treatment than she ever dreamed possible.

Personal trainer, Carter Lewis knows his way around the gym–and around a woman’s body. No stranger to the wild world of domination, Carter can spot a woman with a deep need for total submission from a mile a way.

And the beautiful, but broken Maisy is just begging for it. Now, it’s Carter’s turn to teach Maisy just how gorgeous and sexy she really is–if she’ll just accept her curves and size for what they truly are: Sexy as hell.

Summer Graystone's Gaining Maisy

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