Do you want to be on my ARC Team? Rules and Regulations



As you know, my books are pretty… various and not every book would be suitable for every reader, I explore many niches. Here’s some example of the themes in my projects over the next twelve months:

  • F/f romance with BDSM themes
  • Five dirty novellas with all sorts of pairing from M/f to MMMMF and MFFFM
  • A client/escort M/f romance
  • A MMF menage with an emphasis on the relationship between the Ms
  • A femdom romantic story
  • A dark non-con/dub-con novel planned for 2020


I don’t want anyone to have to read books they’d normally not read just because they are on my ARC team. You can opt out of reading any book I offer as an ARC and still remain on the team. Still, it would be more useful if I have the contacts of the regular ARC members in one place so it would be easier for you. Once you have provided me with all the info I need in advance as soon as I have a new ARC all you have to do is fill a very simple, short form.

Without further ado, here are the rules.

  1. Fill that form and sign up to be on my ARC team –

You should also add to your list of approved senders so I can send books directly to your Kindle.

Necessary information (Don’t write any of that in a comment, you should fill the form):

  • Your regular e-mail
  • Your Kindle address
  • Your Amazon/Goodreads/BookBub profile link  or a link to wherever you leave reviews
  • If you fail to fill that information I won’t accept your submission.

2. Whenever I have a new ARC coming out I’ll contact the people on the list and ask them if they are interested in it.

3. If you aren’t interested, that is fine, you’ll still be eligible for future ARCs.

4. If you accept an ARC but you change your mind or you have any other reason why you can’t leave a review you’ll be allowed to opt out of it. However, you must inform me of your decision via e-mail. If you fail to do it and you fail to reply to my reminders within two months after you receive the ARC, I’ll remove you from my ARC team. If you need more time, that would be fine, as long as you let me know.  I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, I know that we all live busy, stressful lives and we can often forget.

5. From now on I’ll be sending the ARC directly to your Kindle address. I used to use Bookfunnel’s Certified Mail but my last campaign with them had horrible technical issues. Some of you even got an incomplete ARC. So I won’t use them for further campaigns. If you use any other e-reader apart from Kindle you can leave a comment about it in the ARC signup form above.

6. There will be no deadline for you to post your reviews as long as you post them.

7. I won’t send an ARC to a member of the team if they haven’t finished with a previous one.

8. If you want to opt out of the ARC team at any time or for any reason you just have to let me know.

Questions? Anything unclear? If so, please, write a comment or write to me at

Thank you for considering my ARC team. Sign up here if all of these rules seem reasonable to you.









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