#SatSpanks And Your Punishment Is…

Another Saturday, another time for some steamy love and punishment goodness. I usually bring heavy, intense stuff to the table but this weekend I have something light and cute… well, you’d be the judge of how cute it is. A girl does what she can. This is a small snippet from Unorthodox Dom, a little novelette and a prequel to my novel Unorthodox Therapy (which … Continue reading #SatSpanks And Your Punishment Is…

#SatSpanks Trust, Punishment and Indulgence #BDSM Kitty's Gift

Good morning and may your weekend be filled with an even greater heat than the one you’ll find in #Saturday Spankings. We’re getting much closer to V-Day however, my little Christmas tale had some good moments in it so I thought I should give some more of its heat. It’s a short sequel of my first novella Stroker Ace but it can be read as … Continue reading #SatSpanks Trust, Punishment and Indulgence #BDSM Kitty's Gift

Kitty's Gift and Christmas Spanking on #SatSpanks #BDSM

Merry Christmas, spankos! May your next year be filled with pleasure, hot reads, and even hotter real life experiences. My kinky Christmas short Kitty’s gift went live last night, just in time for a gift wrapping. Blurb For you and your blushing bride. I’m sure you have learned how to discipline her better and you often paddle her sexy, tight ass when she is being … Continue reading Kitty's Gift and Christmas Spanking on #SatSpanks #BDSM

#MasturbationMonday – Sweet, Spicy Taste of a #Punished Girl – Professor's Brat #BDSM

Last week we had some oral fixation and mouth fucking. Now it’s the ladies’ turn, with some additional pain to sweeten the pleasure. My quiet words are followed by another loud crack against her sore and painful pussy. Scarlett closes her eyes and lets the tears flow freely, ruining her make up. Her young body is torn between the conflicting sensations, but she raises her … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday – Sweet, Spicy Taste of a #Punished Girl – Professor's Brat #BDSM

#MasturbationMonday – Your Dirty Mouth Needs To Be #Punished – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM

Up for some oral fixation? What better way to start Monday? The next thing I knew, Thomas rubbed his cock against my partly opened lips as he grabbed me by the hair. He was holding his painfully throbbing shaft by the base, its transparent precum oozing onto my tongue. When I made an attempt to lick the tip and show him the best of my skills, Thomas … Continue reading #MasturbationMonday – Your Dirty Mouth Needs To Be #Punished – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM

Annabelle Learns A Lesson of Humility #SatSpanks

I believe that a good spanking is always a great way to start the weekend. So I finally decided to join that sweet Saturday initiative with a little scene from my novella Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale in which my heroine, Annabelle faces the consequences of her arrogant, stuck up behavior. I’m pretty proud with it so I hope you’d like it as well. … Continue reading Annabelle Learns A Lesson of Humility #SatSpanks

#TeaserTuesday – Violet Sparkles – #BDSM and #NSFW

Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth. “It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I hissed and kept the device longer on her other nipple, enjoying the vibrations of her smooth skin. … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday – Violet Sparkles – #BDSM and #NSFW

#TeaserTuesday – Attitude Correction #BDSM #Femdom

“Listen here, whore!” Her voice got to a high pitched squeal. All the blood had rushed to her face. “I don’t know what game you are playing but…” As lazy and relaxed as she was the moment when Annabelle opened her mouth Kitty’s hand darted for the back of her neck like a viper snake. Annabelle let a loud gasp as her guest pulled a … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday – Attitude Correction #BDSM #Femdom

Review of A Maid's Tale: Trying To Keep My Green Card by Lexie Syrah


Author: Lexie Syrah

Genre: BDSM Erotica, Cuckquean

My rating: 5 out of 5

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2jN7M1R

Blurb: What will an innocent 19 year old Guatemalan maid do when she’s caught stealing and threatened with deportation? Absolutely anything that the Master of the house and his wife desire! Spankings and humiliation will abound as this young woman is tormented, but she has a secret: she desperately craves their commands. As the teasing and punishments push her to the limit of her willpower, she asks for the one thing that she’s never asked anyone before: for the Master to be her first.
Continue reading “Review of A Maid's Tale: Trying To Keep My Green Card by Lexie Syrah”