Foreshadowing: A Night To Remember


The sensual world of mysterious erotica writer, Cristophe Sabitini, fascinated Sophie Edwards once she opened his first book. It shaped her into the woman she was – bold, confident and sexually adventurous. When her job as an editor at a major publishing company granted her the chance to meet her long-adored idol, Sophie will be put to the test. Could she resist the masked man with the velvet voice whose sensual words made her melt? Their steamy encounter will push her beyond her limits and make her experience her most decadent and scandalous fantasies. How far will Sophie go in her quest of self-discovery and erotic freedom? Will she reveal the man behind the mask?

“I wouldn’t want you to be too dutiful. It’s important that you are as free in your behavior as you can be so we can reveal the natural woman in you. This is a lovely dress. But I think we both want you to get your beautiful body exposed. Get up very slowly and strip. Then stand still, with your legs apart, your back straight and your hands away from your hips. I want to take a good look at you.”

This is a story of over 7000 words of erotic hypnotism and explicit sex between consenting adults over 18 years. Have in mind that the story is meant as a stand alone with an open ending and will not be included in future series.
The book is intended for mature audience! For more information, look at the warning section.

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For a short moment, I wondered whether it was all just a hallucination. I was wearing the sexiest and most provocative dress that has ever caressed my naked body. It looked gorgeous on me and I wasn’t in the mood to be demure. I was inside the halls of a place whose threshold I never thought I’d pass, about to meet my favorite author.

It was too good to be true.

The sense of surrealism was enhanced as I entered the Doudounes hall. My sixteen-year-old self would have shrieked in disbelief. Yes, the large hall was exquisite, with rich ornaments and sensual fragrance of sin and decadence in the air. But that wasn’t what struck me so much. I had expected to be served by naked waiters and half prepared to be received by my dinner companion wearing nothing but a mask. I envisaged that we would eat caviar from a woman’s naked body or even spicier scenarios. But nothing could have possibly prepared me for the sight of the living statues of sensuality. My mouth opened in shock at the sight of the naked men and woman at the two opposite ends of the hall.

It was clear that their exquisite bodies were flesh and blood but save for the slow rhythm of their heaving chests they showed no signs of life. Not a single muscle trembled as they held their position.

There were no words to convey the heat that possessed my body from seeing the man and woman frozen in a classic stance. No doubt they were gorgeous. The man, impersonating Michelangelo’s David, had dark, wavy hair, beautiful features, and the type of deep sea green eyes most sentimental women instantly fall for. His olive skin and dark nipples were a feast for hungry lips and tongue. My gaze slid down to his manhood, still limp, as if in expectation, taking its break to unfold. I grinned to myself and thought, no matter what happened tonight, I’d make sure his cock wouldn’t remain in a state of indifference. My mouth filled with saliva just from watching him.

The lovely Venus across from him was his polar opposite. Her beautiful golden locks cascaded down her elegant shoulders, contrasting with her dark blue eyes. She had wonderful breasts, supple, perky, and with delicious pale pink nipples. They were hard and goose prickled, the only sign of her arousal.

However, my attention was entirely drawn to her pussy. I swear that this was the most succulent, and beautiful sex I’d ever seen. The thin inner labia and the luscious outer lips were perfectly aligned and slightly wet. I wanted to rub my forefinger over the hood of her elegant clit and bring her to a state of full arousal. From the moment I looked between her lips, I was possessed by the desire to kneel before the goddess and lick her delicious cunt until she exploded in my mouth.

I hoped I hadn’t blushed. The questioning whether I was bisexual or just bi-curious has often put my mind in a state of torment. There was never any chance to address my doubts, though. Once, at college, my best friend and I got drunk and made out sloppily. Afterward, we were too embarrassed to talk about it and just let it slide.

The couple engulfed my attention to such an extent that I failed to notice my dinner companion. As I raised my eyes from the delta of ‘Venus’, I finally paid attention to the man I was supposed to allure. Cristophe Sabitini, the notorious erotica master. When I met his dark eyes, I was overwhelmed with the sense of familiarity. Where had I seen them before? Then the instant attraction set my body on fire. I had admired the man for many years, but I never thought he could affect me this way. As a matter of fact, my practical mind had prepared me with safe assumptions he could be an old, wrinkly man.

I have gotten one of the details right, though. The intricate carnival mask covered most of his face except for the eyes. He was dressed in an elegant tuxedo that covered his body. It was hard to say at first glance and under the dim, intimate light but his clothes were tailored to show his broad shoulders and muscular chest. The man was, at least, six feet tall and that just enhanced the sense of power his brown eyes were exuding. In a giddy moment, I thought he appeared in too great physical shape for a writer.

However, not an inch of his skin was revealed. I couldn’t even get a look at his hands for they were wrapped in leather gloves. My lips curled into a wicked smile. The mystery of Sabitini wouldn’t be solved easily but I was prepared to use all measures necessary. The raw determination to pick his brain apart caused my blood to boil with excitement and rush to my face.

Cristophe regarded me with an amused expression though I could tell he loved what he saw.



” Ms. Noir’s writing is perfection, fluid and melodic, her characters believable, her dialogue spot-on. The sex scenes were artfully executed and never once overwhelmed the the story. I had the sense the author wrote them to titillate the brain as much as the libido, a talent I very much appreciate.”

Shelby Kent-Stewart,

author of the Wicked Tails series

“Super hot and left me wanting more…too bad this is a standalone. This author is great! Super descriptive considering the length of her books. And her characters are not 2D like you sometimes encounter in erotica. Overall epic read!”

Patricia Vane, Amazon Customer,