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Prompt word: #Ice


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I never intended to catch Clarissa in a moment of weakness. It was ludicrous to think she had weak spots or a hint of sensuality. She’s been nothing but a frosty bitch to me from the moment we met. She was simply my best friend’s older sister.

A bitch of epic proportions.

Long blonde strands framed her intelligent face with high cheekbones and diamond blue eyes. Words like daggers escaped those soft lips and never missed their target.

I avoided that blonde devil who never blushed or stuttered like the plague.

My friend had invited me to a sleepover at their summer house on the night that changed everything. It was a sweaty, restless night of heat and icy moonlight that didn’t let me sleep. Finally, I tossed the wet sheets off and sneaked out of Alan’s room. The crisp night breeze and the pool’s cool waters would calm me down.

I was laying on the pool deck chair when she resurfaced like a ghost among the pine trees around the pool.

It was so quiet I could hear the icicles in the metal bowl she was carrying in her delicate hands.

I jumped from the chair and hid behind the nearby bushes.

It was difficult not to marvel at her body’s natural grace and soft silhouette among the shadows. The garden lanterns’ mellow light cast its beams across her platinum curls that cascaded down her elegant shoulders.

Clarissa walked to the pool, picked up one of the cubes and slid it across her cheeks, with closed eyes. The glistening frozen water in her palm was melting. When she laid down on one of the deck chairs, she pushed her swimming suit aside and ran an ice cube across her slit.

What I wouldn’t give to be closer, see her pussy up close, pink and glistening. How would she react if I went out of hiding, walked to her and made her finger herself harder? I’d pick up the cube and drag it across her nipples until she screamed with torture.

Clarissa’s lean thighs quivered in pre-orgasmic convulsion. She finally cried out in a climax, rested on the chair, licked her fingers off the juices and let out a satisfied sigh.

She cleaned after herself and go back to the main house, leaving me rock hard with need.

The next day when I entered the kitchen Clarissa was the only one up. She was having coffee and orange juice and didn’t even respond to my morning greeting.

Gone was the magical nymph who fingered herself to orgasm before my eyes.

“Let me help you,” I said with a goofy grin and took out ice from the fridge.

I dumped the few cubes in her glass.

“I know how you love your drinks… with lots and lots of ice.” I drawled the last word and smirked at her. “Nights can get pretty heated, right, Clarissa?”

She widened her eyes in horror.

I smiled.

It’d be a fun summer.




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