Teasing Bites: Blood and Spice(The Witch, The Shifter, The Vampire) – A Forced Seduction


As soon as Laurel took the disgraceful position of a literal pet, Severin removed the red cloak from her shoulders. She had came all over the slick fabric during her forced climax, so it was too soggy to wear. Her heart felt heavy when her captor stripped her of her last sign of authority and reduced her to a slave of her own desires. There she was, in nothing but skimpy lingerie, on all fours like a proper bitch, with her breasts popping out of the tight corset.

Nothing protected her from her enemy’s eyes and she blushed at the thought he had free access to all her holes. Severin could enjoy the way her clit was throbbing, the slick fluids that smeared her lingerie. He’d play with her as he pleased and she’d not protest.

“You won’t need any of this tonight.” Severin made her raise her head in surprise with his affectionate tone. When she looked up, she realized he had folded her drenched cloak and put it aside. His long, cold fingers undid the laces of her corset in a slow, soothing pace. Sometimes he stopped to caress her hair or stroke her cheek.

“Enough with the niceties, you monster.” Laurel spat out at him, confused with her reaction to his unexpected tenderness. “Let’s get this over with. I can’t handle more degradation tonight.”

Severin laughed and smacked her exposed ass cheek with his palm. Laurel shrieked out of surprise when he repeated the cracking on her other cheek. Her flesh reddened with his firm, confident strike and she bit her tongue. It’s been too long since her last spanking and that bloodsucker must have sensed how much she loved it.

“You never stop even when you’re defeated, do you?” He slid three fingers in her mouth and pushed them down her throat. She gagged on his hand and drool ran over her chin. “You enjoy humiliation more than you’re ready to admit, princess. I’ll be as rough or as tender as I please with you because, guess what? Your pretty mouth and gorgeous ass are mine tonight… just like your pet… and I plan to enjoy both of you.”

What? Did that fool believe he had any power over Corwin? Corwin who seethed with rage at how that stranger violated his Mistress? His arrogance knew no boundaries.

Laurel narrowed her eyes and bit his fingers, which earned her five consecutive smacks. Each slap sent a wave of heat to her pussy and pushed her deeper in that lustful, obedient state. Severin pulled his hand out of her mouth and used it to slap her across the face. He tainted it with her own spit.

“Dominant women are so much fun to play with.” He chuckled and brushed his thumb down her wounded lips. “We’d better find a more suitable purpose for your mouth, Mistress Laurel. How long has it been since you had a cock in your ass?”

Over the last two centuries, Laurel had seen all of human and supernatural depravity. She had been a sex slave, a brothel girl, a stripper, a dominatrix and believed nothing would shock or make her blush like a virgin. Yet, that simple arrogant question made her face go bright red with embarrassment. The shame doubled when Severin reached out and pushed his thumb in her puckered hole. A groan of discomfort escaped her lips and she wiggled her ass.

“Oh… so tight.” He licked his lips in anticipation and pushed a second finger in her ass. She bit her lips and tried to get used to the rough insertion. “I plan to punish your rear, inside and out, but it looks like you might need a good old fashioned anal training.”

She tried to come up with some witty comeback but Severin never gave her time to respond. He stopped bothering with her corset’s intricate laces, ripped it apart and threw it. Laurel ended up in nothing but her sheer stockings and the thin garter belt that kept them up.

“Sorry about your outfit, pet.” He laughed and grabbed her by the hair with a rough movement. “I’ll leave you a special present to make up for it before I go.”

“You will leave after you’re through with us?” Laurel swallowed and frowned when he dragged her by the hair. Severin used her thick raven tresses as a leash to lead her to the other end of the room.

“Don’t worry, Laurel, I know you’ll miss me.” His laughter boomed across the walls and kindled her wrath to the boiling point. How could she hate someone so much and yet crave for him to fuck her brains out?

Laurel stole a glance at him while he tugged her hair like the reins of a pony girl. It was the first time tonight she had calmed down enough to look at her captor. He wore a white shirt that clung to his body and showed his lean chest and strong shoulders. The tight leather pants stretched across his muscular legs and drew her attention to his crotch. Severin had nothing on Corwin’s impressive physique and would look tiny next to her wolf. Still, his feline grace, fit body, quiet step and the confident way he handled her made her pussy throb for him.

She longed to cut his throat open and watch him take his last breath. First, he had to screw her in any way he pleased. Hurt her. Make her scream. Why deny how much she craved her own degradation? It’d be easier to enjoy the ride.

“Good girl. I see you’re learning your place.” He stroked her hair once they got to the spot where she had chained Corwin. Her wolf was panting and staring down at them with a ferocious look. Thick hair covered his giant body, but he was far from his full werewolf form. His fallen Mistress tried to give him an apologetic smile but Corwin didn’t react. The bestial fury and the lust in his glowing eyes had always turned her on, but it was different tonight.

“Now, Corwin…” Severin turned with a mocking voice to the chained werewolf. “I have no intention to make your Mistress my own. She’ll be a lot of work to handle. I’d have to keep her tied to the bed at all times and make sure her cunt is always sopping wet. Not that it would be bad…”

“You know he doesn’t understand a word you’re saying, don’t you?” She confirmed her words by hissing at him. “He’s closer to a wolf than a man. Stop mocking him.”

Severin snorted and smacked her rump once more. It was a harder slap, and she was sure it had left a hand print on her ass.

“See what I mean? She is a sassy little thing even when she’s horny. Such a bad girl… Her mouth needs a proper punishment, don’t you think, Corwin?”

Laurel was about to snap at him for being all bark and no bite when he grabbed her by the hair. His free hand pinched her nose until it forced her to open her mouth. Severin flattened his palm against the back of her neck and forced Corwin’s shaft between her lips.

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