Daily Prompt: Midnight

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Prompt word: #Midnight


Photo Source and Credit: MartaSyrko

Triggers: Dub-con and dark erotica. Don’t read if you’re sensitive.

“These things will kill you.”

My cigarette trembled and some ash fell from its tip.

Outside the fog was getting thicker. I only grew aware of how cold I was once I heard his voice. I’ve been sitting on the window and chainsmoking for who knows how long after the clock struck midnight.

He was standing at the threshold and looked at me as if trying to figure out how to devour me. A smile of a carnivore twisted his features.

I was naked, except for the red cloak.

The man chuckled and stepped forward, quiet as a cat, graceful as a dancer. His hair covered half of his face and gave him ghostly appearance.

I tried to cover myself.

He was quicker. One of his strong hands wrapped around my wrist.

“Don’t bother.”

My breathing quickened and I froze in place. He pinned me to the window frame.

“W-what do you want?”

“What could I want from a naughty girl who isn’t in bed by midnight?” He ran his tongue down my lips. “Has anyone told you that you’re too delicious for your own good?”

His free hand pried the cigarette out of my fingers, tossed it on the floor and he crushed it with a boot.

I had nowhere to run, caught between the devil and the free fall from the thirteenth floor.

“Please… take what you want and leave…”

“Oh, Red.” He grinned and grabbed a lock of my hair. “It’s cute you think you can demand.”

His canines brushed against my arched neck and I groaned. He bit me harder and the groan quickly turned into a scream. Tingles went through my body when he squeezed me between the legs.

“I’ll have so much fun with you.”

He pushed me down on all fours, grabbed the red cloak and dragged me to the bed. My skin stung when he clawed his fingers across it and buried them in my hair.

“Come on.” The stranger laughed, pulled me up and tossed me on my stomach over the soft covers. “Will you deny you’re a painslut?”


The cloak’s red ribbon wrapped around my fingers and tightened. I yelled in shock once his single metal finger made contact with my shoulder. Pain pulsated and warmed me before spreading down between my legs.

The stranger sank teeth at the soft of my neck and pulled my pussy lips apart. I soaked his fingers with how wet I was and felt tears of humiliation roll down my cheeks.

“You know you love it.” He kissed my tears with a strange affection before pulling his belt. “Be careful before you write about your midnight fantasies, Red.”

My eyes widened in shock. I only submitted that last blog post that evening.

At the stroke of midnight.

His belt’s cruel kiss on my exposed ass cheeks ripped those thoughts from my mind.

Fresh tears soaked my face.

I sobbed.

His fingers found my wetness again.

“It will be a long night, beautiful.”

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