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Hello, folks! As some of the few people who read this blog on regular basis some time ago, a little book of mine got nominated at a BDSM competition that shall not be named. One of the “perks” was I got a chance for an interview. Now, I really, really hate interviews. I love asking people some questions and putting together interviews but I loathe it when I am on the receiving end. Back then I was also actively working on Unorthodox Therapy so I sent them my interview answers quite late. Being the polite and sweet human beings they were, they never wrote me back at least to let me know it was too late for them to post the interview on their website. That didn’t stop them from bombarding my e-mail with a thousand offers to advertise myself with them. So, they never published my interview and haven’t been in touch with me until today.Never mind. Their website, their competition, their rules and perhaps I should have been quicker.  

Never mind. Their website, their competition, their rules and perhaps I should have been quicker. However, I really tortured myself writing this and it’d be a pity not to share some of it. I’m also a self-obsessed bitch so who says I can’t interview myself? The questions are modified and my answers are shortened. At the end of the interview, you will also find links to the websites of other lovely folks who decided to tort… erm, to interview me. 🙂 Have fun!


Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: So, you write smut. Why did you start writing of BDSM, of all things? (murmurs) You hoped to cash in on these sweet Fifty shades money, didn’t you? Tough luck, lady

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: Hey, who doesn’t love some whips and chains? I’ve been writing ever since I was old enough to hold a pen and my love for crafting stories has only grown over the years. The type of tales that I found myself attracted to were usually of the dark side of the human brain and heart. Pain, obsession, horror, phobias, extreme passion, betrayal, death, insanity, love and hate were themes that I wanted to delve into and explore through my writing. Most of my earliest stories were a blend of different genres, ranging from horror, fantasy, and philosophy to psychological thrillers and dark romance. I had my stories compared to Edgar Alan Poe and Lovecraft. I consider that to be an extreme and inaccurate exaggeration. But let’s get to the point.

Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: Yes, please, do that. (murmurs) F***ing authors.

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: Erotica has been a genre that has fascinated me since puberty when I started reading the various submissions at Literotica. I loved the idea of the mutual arousal between body, heart and mind, waking up desires through words, stirring up images of lust, forbidden needs and taboo relationships. Needless to say I found myself quickly getting bored with the purely romantic variety of erotica. I often would get lost in much edgier, darker fantasies of corruption, seduction and different fetishes. BDSM was a lifestyle I often ran into during my wanderings over the web. It scared and fascinated me. The frequent statements regarding relationships between a Master and a slave wherein both sides needed and wanted such a union teased my curiosity. I was in my early twenties when I started writing a daily blog of moderate popularity. I had written several shorts of both male and female domination and different fetishes. None of them were meant to represent the lifestyle; I hadn’t even done serious research. They were just visceral fantasies swimming at the bottom of my dirty mind that found their release through writing. That was just the beginning.

I went through a stage in my life where I did various roleplaying online with equally detailed writing partners. Many of my personal desires were such that required a lot of trust. Surrendering your will and body to someone else is not easy. It could be dangerous, even destructive if you make a mistake in your judgement. So roleplaying gave me a chance for a “test drive” of my kinks in a safe environment. Some of my scenarios included coercion, blackmail, reluctance.

Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: You decided to share it with the world? (murmurs) Damned people. They think they can self-publish their sexting and pass it as proper writing. And they do!

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: I found I was most fascinated by the willing and consensual domination and submission, preferably in taboo circumstances, after a long, tense and arousing build up. Over time I started adding more details, thinking of the background and psychology of my characters, and devising more serious and advanced plots. About that time I started reading more contemporary BDSM fiction and felt more and more tempted to make proper stories out of those fantasies and yes, indeed, to share them with the world.

Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: (murmurs) That bitch is so damned full of herself. (out loud) Do you rely only on your sexting logs when you write a story or did you ever bother to research, at least read a Wikipedia page or something?

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: During my roleplaying stage I got to know people who were in the lifestyle to a different degree. They were various both in their fetishes and philosophies about the D/s dynamics. I tried having online relationships with some of them. As short-term as they were, they gave me idea of how much a thrill a possible union could be. Talking to those people also made me realize how much tenderness and affection there can be in BDSM, apart from the chains and whips. I’ve also read many articles on Fetlife, as well as different blogs all over the web.

Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: Woo hoo, you are a real expert, aren’t you? So that must mean you also want to send a message to the readers, teach them and preach your advocacy as an expert on all things kink?

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: I am really not the type of person to preach and I don’t have enough experience in the lifestyle to do any teaching. I’d like to point out the following. Be very much aware of the difference between fantasy and reality. They can merge together in a beautiful way. I’d be overjoyed if someone tells me my book has inspired them to change their sexual life or relationship and that brought them happiness. However, don’t forget that this is fiction. Its main purpose is to tell a story, help someone realize their fantasy or explore darker, taboo topics. It is not meant to be a manual for safe, sane and consensual relationships.

So, if you want to try kink and D/s don’t rely simply on a sexy or erotic book, no matter how well written. Educate yourself on what you want to do with your partner, try some non-fiction writing, especially if your desires go way beyond some light spanking and silk scarves bondage. Ideally, talk to people who have more practice and learn all about the possible risks. It may not sound like a very exciting process but if you ignore it that can lead to unpleasant and scarring experiences instead of the expected sexual liberation.

It may be insulting to some of the readers that I spell out obvious things like that but we all can get lost in the seductive illusion, especially when it’s well crafted.

 Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: Yes, we are all so much wiser because of your words of wisdom, aren’t we? So, perhaps you’d also want to see the genre develop according to your taste and sexting fantasies.

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: I’d like to see more variety and bold choices, writers who want to make their storyline and characters unique rather than copy a formula that could lead to more sales. I know that, after all, our books are products that need to be sold. However, BDSM offers enough opportunities for different stories based on different kinks. I’m sure that most readers would appreciate it if a writer offers them something new rather than another copycat of Fifty Shades of Grey or some other popular series. I like to be surprised when reading, and I’m confident that even the most exploited genre tropes (a brooding, damaged billionaire and an innocent, naive student) can be turned upside down and become a compelling and highly erotic story.

 Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: Well, Lilah, I’m sure you are a bright example of your philosophy. Now, enlighten the dear reader more about who you are and your masterpieces.

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: In real life, I’m a quiet, introverted girl who prefers to listen than speak. I appreciate a glass of fine red wine, a great book and a long, exhausting swim in the sea. I wouldn’t go so far to say that what I’m doing is art but I identify myself as a creative person. Apart from writing, I’m passionate about graphic design and I make most of my book covers myself, as well as those of other authors. I’m currently working on building a professional portfolio.

 Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: (murmurs) I’m sure her stuff have made an appearance at http://lousybookcovers.tumblr.com/.

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: As for what I’ve written, at the beginning, it was all short stories. My first published work on Amazon was called Stroker Ace, a FFM menage story inspired by the song of the same name by Lovage.

Last summer I published my first full-length novel entitled Unorthodox Therapy. It’s the first part of a trilogy dedicated to the complicated relationship between a strong yet submissive woman and a man who is not only more than a decade younger but also her employee. It’s a blend of dark eroticism, romance, psychological thriller, drama, and suspense. I was both nervous and excited about the readers’ reactions but so far most of them seem to enjoy it, judging by the reviews.


I’m also working on a series of novellas dedicated to the different seasons of a relationship between a wild child and submissive tattoo artist and her cold and analytical lover who has to use all his wits, tools and skills to tame her. The first one, The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer is already live on Amazon.

 Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: I’m sure they’ll be classics. Well, thank you so much for your time, Lilah, best of luck with conquering the publishing world.

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: No, thank YOU.

Lilah The Jaded Wannabe Reporter: Wait, what… 

Lilah The Wannabe Authoress: (puts a gag ball in the mouth of the reporter and cuffs her hands) Thanks, dear audience, for showing up and putting up with Miss Sassy Pants here. Now, you can enjoy some proper interviews.


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