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“So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lap so I can show him how you long to be disciplined. Twenty smacks.”
Annabelle is a lady, intelligent, classy and sexually repressed. After a night of drunken oblivion, she submits both to her dominant husband Evan and her own filthy, hidden desires. Little had Evan suspected what a wild and dirty yet obedient pet his wife could be.

A year later their once perfect marriage is on the verge of falling apart. He must deal with her angry accusations and hostile attitude. She has a hard time admitting her submissive nature and frequently lashes out at him out of guilt and shame.

Enters Kitty, a mysterious, charismatic woman armed with a deck of cards, steely dominance and a bag of sex toys. What happens when Evan and Annabelle are faced with her dark game of seduction?

Will Evan hold back his urges? Will Annabelle still be her proud and arrogant self when she gets subjected to stern discipline and humiliating play under Kitty’s thumb? Will their marriage be completely destroyed or reinforced by another night of indulging their kinky side?
This story is intended for a mature audience. It contains elements of BDSM as well as scenes of ménage à trois and discipline. Please, read the warning inside the book before you purchase it. All characters are over 18 years old.

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“Your nice husband was just suggesting that we share a nightcap and a little simple game of cards,” Kitty whispered something in Evan’s ear so casually as if he belonged to her and Annabelle was the one intruding. “It’s Friday night and barely eleven, too early for us to go to bed… yet.” More whispers followed while Annabelle tried to find her voice and scream at them. Evan gave her a strangely cold look and nodded at Kitty. For the first time, he didn’t try to say he was sorry, to justify his actions or try to talk sense to his wife. He simply moved away from their guest and left the room without a word passing by Annabelle as if she was just an object in the room.

That woke her up and she lurched at that goddess bitch who thought she could just waltz in and take her husband away. She almost spat, irritated beyond belief at how calm Kitty was, how sure of herself and her right to just touch Evan as she pleased.

“Listen here, whore!” Her voice got to a high pitched squeal. All the blood had rushed to her face. “I don’t know what game you are playing but…”

As lazy and relaxed as she was the moment when Annabelle opened her mouth Kitty’s hand darted for the back of her neck like a viper snake. Annabelle let a loud gasp as her guest pulled a few tresses of her elegant hairstyle and yanked them back as if they were reigns. She made a mewling sound and Kitty laughed in condescending manner reaching out for her thin wrist

“You know what, sweetheart, your bitch act is really transparent.” Just now Annabelle realized how much taller the other woman was, she was practically hovering over her body. The sense of thrill and helplessness overwhelmed her, battling with the anger in her system. Kitty traced her long fingernail along Annabelle’s cheek and ran it down her neck till she reached her heaving tits. “I’ve dealt with some real bitches and let me tell you what, Annie, they’ll eat you for breakfast.” She kissed her captive’s ear and whispered in it. “All I will tell you is that in the end they were at my feet, tamed and purring like kittens. So don’t think you even stand a chance. You’re not a bitch.” Kitty grabbed Annabelle’s small ass through the pencil skirt and squeezed it tightly making her moan against her will. The poor thing was so shocked by the assault that her tongue was still tied. And to her great dismay, Kitty’s arrogant behavior was like catnip for her pussy. When she mentioned of all those previous women kneeling at her feet Annabelle sensed a strong throb in her clit. All of her previous defiances was slipping out of her gasp. The shame was clearly etched on her face even if she couldn’t see it.

“Do you know what you are?” Kitty kept licking her neck and was slowly, so very slowly hiking her skirt. How could that humiliation turn her on so much? “You’re a little brat who is desperate to be punished.” Annabelle groaned loudly as Kitty’s teeth sank in her earlobe. “Tell yourself whatever you want but I know you. You secretly hope that some day Evan will not be able to take it and that he will finally discipline your ass as you deserve.”

With those words, Kitty raised her palm high spearing her fingers and smacked Annabelle’s pert butt cheeks. The mild stinging pain that went through her skin made her curl her toes and tremble in Kitty’s arms. Now the other woman was holding Annabelle by the waist, almost smothering her face in her impressive bust. In her naïve eyes, that was both the peak of degradation and the sexiest thing that ever happened to her. She gasped as Kitty spanked her again, increasing the strength of her swats and massaging her warm flesh. Then another one clearly leaving a print mark on her tender skin. Poor Annabelle was on the verge of tears and as she finally spoke her voice was a mere whisper.

“Please… This is embarrassing.”

“You need to be embarrassed more often, little girl.”

“I really don’t like this…” If she started crying now that would be an almost equivalent of kissing Kitty’s feet. Annabelle tried desperately to hold back the sobs of need.

“Oh? Let’s see about that.” Annabelle had another chance to scream, to fight and demand to be released. Instead, she just allowed Kitty to thrust her hand into her soaking panties in an offhand manner. She shoved two fingers in her cunt and chuckled loudly at Annabelle’s obvious arousal. The woman was writhing and panting, digging her toes at the carpet as those digits spread her pussy lips. “Your body seems to think otherwise. Whether you like it or not, little girl, you’re a horny bitch in heat.” Kitty pulled out and brought her fingers back to Annabelle’s face with an openly sadistic smile. “See how wet you are? Don’t expect your husband to read your mind for you. If you want to spank you’d better ask nicely… like a good girl.” Kitty licked the trembling woman’s bottom lip and dragged it down so Annabelle would open her mouth wider. “Taste your pussy and tell me again that you don’t want this.”

Annabelle tentatively licked Kitty’s finger as she slid it deep in her mouth, shocked at how pungent her own juices were. Evan had done the very same thing during that night of shame and depravity. He had been fucking her ass and his hand had been practically buried in her throat after he had fingered her. Annabelle squirmed desperately much to Kitty’s enjoyment so she raised the stakes by pinching her nipples through the silk blouse.

“You know you long for it. By the end of the night, you will be our plaything.”

Before Annabelle had any chance to speak back Evan called from downstairs letting them know that he was expecting them. It was only then that Kitty let go of her and pushed her on the bed. Annabelle one gave her a horrified look, hypnotized by those amber eyes.

“Please… not here, this is too much.”

“Oh, don’t think you will get to cum and be used as you deserve so easily, baby girl. It will be a long time before you’re allowed to cum.” Kitty smirked and turned her back on Annabelle swaying her hips and not bothering to put something more on. She picked her leather bag and whispered to her. “Fix yourself a little, princess, you don’t want him to see you as the disheveled slut that you are.”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Annabelle restored some of her dignity and crossed her arms before her chest. “I’m not your property and you don’t get to decide…”

“Oh? Want to bet on that?” Kitty laughed and left the room singing in her deep voice how you never know what to expect when the pussy is in heat. Annabelle sank in the soft mattress of her king sized bed and covered her face with hands.

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“Something I really appreciate, nay, love about Ms Noir’s writing style is the fact that she not only takes the time, but relishes world building. This isn’t some two dimensional, hollow pornographic mess, like it is so easy to fall into when trying to write erotica. Over the short story, there is character growth, there is conflict, there is goodness and sadness, real emotions and, consequently, real emotions and a sense of connection as you take it all in.”

Amazon Bearded Customer

“When I started this story I had no idea where it was going, but I was loving the journey there. It has a hot emotional build up with a very physical & emotional release in the end. It has the feel of being written by a very cool, popular lady, one that you would be lucky if she would ever bother to look at you, much less talk to you or write you. You feel lucky to have this book in your hands and read her words, as if you found a secret treasure or are reading her diary. I loved the true-to-life difficulties of the main character’s relationship with her husband.”

Joone Oliver,

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