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“…When I am sure little miss Scarlett is about to cum I withdraw my hands and let loose of her hair in one sharp movement. The girl opens her eyes and stares at me in bewilderment. She is shivering and breathes so heavily as if she had been running for thousand miles. The surprise and despair on her face are so adorable that I almost feel sorry for her.


What?” I bring my fingers to my face and breathe in. “You asked me to let you go and so I did. What do you think that I am, a rapist? A creepy pedophile who loves taking advantage of randy schoolgirls? You’re no challenge.” The confusion mixes with rage and she grits her teeth. “You’re just a silly little girl who has no idea how to please a man. Why waste my time with you?” My laughter echoes across the room. I pick up the Algebra book again and bring it to her desk. “Did you really think I’d spank or finger you? Please… I have standards.” I wave my hand in the same dismissive manner as she did earlier and place the book on her desk. “Page 65 to 70. Finish these calculations and you’re free to go.” With these words, I turn around and make my way back to the desk counting under my breath. I haven’t even counted to three when Scarlett shrieks out “You bastard!”. I hear a loud thud and the book lands open at my feet.

When my eyes meet hers again she is standing with hands on her hips and defiant expression. Her green eyes are filled with tears ready to spill any moment.

I never realized how badly you needed to be put at your place, brat.” She doesn’t respond and just glares, trying not to cry. My erected cock is already throbbing painfully in my boxers as I bend over to pick up the book. “You’re not the one calling the shots.” I dust the heavy cover off as slowly as possible and step to her again. The expression on my face continues to be cold and indifferent, but my voice has kept the same alluring tone. “I’ll decide when to claim you. And just so you know, Scarlett…” I put the textbook at its exact spot and in one swift move I grab my student by the back of her neck. Scarlett screams again, finding her upper body pinned to the desk and her ass in the air. My free hand gathers her wrists and places them on the small of her back, squeezing them tight in restraint. The girl’s body goes numb when I press my lips to her neck and whisper. “I fucking own you.”