Be My Guest On Tuesday: Pieces of Me Duet by Danielle Rose

AVAILABLE NOW! Pieces of Me DuetA Contemporary Romance Duet  by USA Today Bestselling Author Danielle Rose Lies We Keep When your soul shatters, how will you pick up the pieces? Jezebel Tate’s writing career has brought her success that few experience, but when her fame shines too bright and a fan’s admiration becomes obsession, she is forced into the shadows to find safety.James Blakely is … Continue reading Be My Guest On Tuesday: Pieces of Me Duet by Danielle Rose

#MidWeekTease – Unorthodox Union First Chapter #BDSM

Hey there Wednesday teasers. Remember me? This summer I’ve been sharing a lot of excerpts from my novel Unorthodox Union. Well, it’s finally published, along with a boxed set. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. It’s kind of bittersweet but I’m happy I finished that trilogy. I have a lot of projects for 2019 so I’ll be around … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – Unorthodox Union First Chapter #BDSM

Cover Reveal – Unorthodox Union (The Unorthodox Trilogy, #3) by Lilah E. Noir

Title: Unorthodox Union Series: The Unorthodox Trilogy, #3   Author: Lilah E. Noir Genre: BDSM, Erotic Suspense, Romance Release Date: December 15, 2018 Blurb No other woman could understand me like you. We know all we’ve been through, Lina, and I remember every scar on your body and soul. LINA We were together in the darkest pits of hell. He cleansed me through the cruelty … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Unorthodox Union (The Unorthodox Trilogy, #3) by Lilah E. Noir

#MidWeekTease – No objections – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey there Wednesday teasers. Last Saturday evening I finally did it, I wrote THE END of Unorthodox Union. It was bittersweet as I’ve been working on that trilogy for nearly three years. Part of me was happy it was over and another didn’t want to say goodbye to the characters. Either way, it’s the biggest novel I’ve written and editing will be a bitch… so … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – No objections – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Be My Guest On Tuesday: From Kitten to Captive by Scarlett Flame

Today at Be My Guest On Tuesday I’m pleased to present to you Scarlett Flame and her dark romance series Captive’s Book starting with From Willing Sub to Enslaved Captive. Its sequel, From Kitten to Captive is coming out next month so there’s no time like the present to get a copy of Book 1. From Kitten to Captive (Captive’s Two) by  Scarlett Flame   … Continue reading Be My Guest On Tuesday: From Kitten to Captive by Scarlett Flame

#MidWeekTease – A kiss in the office – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey there, Wednesday crowd, how is it going? Somehow I’m always working with 25% of my usual productivity when I’m approaching a book’s ending. Is it just me? Anyway, I’m currently at nearly 146k of my WIP, still at the last chapter. Maybe because I know that after I put the end I say goodbye to these characters and their world… at least for the … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – A kiss in the office – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

#MidWeekTease – After a nightmare – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey teasers, how are you doing? I skipped last Wednesday because of a short seaside holiday but I’m back on track. I’ll also be staying home until the end of the week and will do some serious writing. I’m currently past 140k of my current WIP and I should get it all done by Saturday, now that I’m not distracted by the day job. Unorthodox … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – After a nightmare – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

#SaturdayTease – Electric Trust – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

I missed sharing a little bit of my work in progress on Wednesday so I’m making up for it on this Sunny Saturday. Enjoy that snippet of Unorthodox Union, Book 3 of the Unorthodox Trilogy. (Don’t judge the book by its cover, this one is temporary.) THOMAS “Lina, pet…” He said with an affectionate tone and drew a circle of electrical pleasure around my left … Continue reading #SaturdayTease – Electric Trust – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

#MidWeekTease – When can I move in? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another Wednesday. They just fly, don’t they? Here I am with another teaser of Unorthodox Union. Current word count: 130k but I still have a lot of story to go through before typing THE END. It looks like I’ll have to write the final chapters after my small holiday. Still, there’s plenty of time until Saturday so who knows. … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – When can I move in? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

#MidWeekTease – Rope Corset – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Welcome to another Wednesday, teasers! Unorthodox Union is moving closer and closer to the end, I’m currently at about 104k and I’ll push myself harder this week to wrap up the rest of the story. I just need one more intense weekend of hard work and probably next week I’ll post one of the last snippets. This week I have something sexy for you from … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – Rope Corset – Unorthodox Union #BDSM