Author Spotlight: Lucas X. Black

Lucas X. Black has often said that guys like him are “dime a dozen” where he lives. Perhaps I should go out more and meet more people but still, I find him to be one of the most colorful and interesting writers I’ve ‘met’ during my self-publishing venture. His BDSM tales are laced with life experience, which gives them a sense of realism and that doesn’t make them less appealing or arousing to the mind and body. Here is your chance to meet him, touch his thoughts and get teased with his work so you can draw your conclusions.

Lucas X. Black

Lucas X. Black is a lifelong dominant living in southern Texas, where he is engaged as a full-time writer.  He is formerly a paramedic of many long years’ experience, and often incorporates that knowledge base into his writing.  Away from home, he enjoys spicy and exotic foods, loves to fish, and loves going to the movies.  In his home, behind the closed doors of his dungeon, he is a sadist and humorist, in love with eliciting a range of sensation and reaction from his oh, so willing victims …

Lilah: Hello Lucas, it’s a great pleasure to have you here as a guest. You must be sick to death with that question but tell us more about your transition from a paramedic into a full-time writer. When did you get interested in writing and how did you decide that is what you want to do?

LXB: I guess it’s a rough and rugged road. Life has its evolutions. I got off the streets and into sales. I miss the adrenaline, the camaraderie, but it’s a young man’s game and took its toll on me.  Eventually, I got crippled in an accident.  I’d written for fun for years, but being injured gave me the opportunity to pick up my pen in earnest, and, well, here I am. 

Lilah: What is your working process? Do you plan your stories or let them flow naturally?

LXB: For me, plotting is a waste of time.  I just let the muses and characters tell me the tale.  Sometimes they’ve inflicted 20-hour days on me.  It’s not just when I’m sitting at my computer, but when I’m driving or trying to rest … anything that I can do mindlessly, this story or that is occupying my forebrain. 

 Lilah: What is the most difficult about being a writer and a self-published author? What is the sweetest part about it?

LXB:  Getting noticed, exposure, so people know “there’s Lucas X. Black and the wares he offers” is the most difficult and frustrating part of this, but I have an amazing PA in Kim Lehnhardt, who takes most of that burden as her own, God love her, and lets me go be God in my writer cave.  I think the sweetest part are good reviews or someone finding me, PMing me, and saying “I loved your story!”  Very recently, I co-wrote a story with our mutual friend R.B. O’Brien, and the energy and enthusiasm that brewed between us was sheer delight as we penned the tale.

 Lilah: Do you do any research on your books or do you use exclusively your imagination and life experience?

LXBA bit of research here and there.  A while back, for one manuscript that’s in the works, I was studying whether a certain Sikorsky helicopter’s wheels were powered.  Sometimes the minutiae grow to huge proportions.  But mostly, it’s imagination fueled by experience, whether actual or vicarious.

Lilah: Who were the writers that influenced your style? Were you reading any erotic literature before you started writing it yourself?

LXBI’d written a bit here and there, and read some really smarmy stuff back when, from an author named Anonymous, who wrote a shit-ton of stuff in the 80s and 90s under a variety of publishing houses.  Anonymous was a machine!  I’m hesitant to say if I was influenced so much as I’m evolving.

Lilah: A favorite story you have written? How about a favorite character you developed?

LXB: To date, I think my favorite tale has been Josiah’s Love and Justice.  No volume is favored above the others, because it’s all one huge epic novel spanning over 340,000 words, not episodic or self-contained volumes.  But one of my projects looming large is a full-length novel based on my short story Legacy, which has consistently been favored by the readership.  So right now, I’ll give you three favorites:  Josiah Bailey, Jim Ford (Legacy), and Eddie Forrest, who’s featured in an upcoming work with the working title Surrendered for Love, which I hope to finish and release quite soon.  That’s been fun to write, a tale about a man (Eddie) who has been watching S&M videos amidst a complacent or dying marriage.  His wife discovers it innocently enough, and instead of freaking out on him, finds resonance and desire, and surrenders to him.

Lilah: Did you ever regret that you have written something?

LXB:  Of course, but I don’t regret anything I’ve published.  You’re a writer too, and if I had to bet, you probably have an easy dozen or more dead manuscripts that plowed into a writer’s block at a hundred miles an hour.  I open one or another of those now and then, and think, “no wonder you died.  Jesus, this story sucks it!”  LOL

Lilah: Tell us more about your future plans? What should we expect of Lucas X Black?

LXB:  I have one full-length novel (Surrendered for Love) and two collections of short stories coming on the near horizon.  One will be four stories that have naught to do with one another, but the other collection will be four or maybe five stories centering around a common location and philosophy.  I have about eight other really active manuscripts that I intend on publishing in 2017, but who knows?  The muses take delight in leading me astray down all kinds of delightful rabbit holes.  Curiouser and curiouser, right? 

Lilah: Thanks a lot for sparing some time off your schedule. Before you go would you please indulge us a little? Tell us something about yourself that no one suspects.

LXB:  I really love kids, the older I get.  I get a charge out of seeing them and their antics at playgrounds, the fearlessness and vivid imagination on display.  It’s a blast.



Volume 1: Four Slaves



Josiah Bailey is a successful attorney married to Molly, a physician specializing in sports medicine. But that’s what they do to earn their livings, but not quite what they are in deeper places within. Josiah has found a rather unique niche for himself and his interests in BDSM. He works as a beadle, paid to punish and train slaves belonging to others, whose owners have difficulty doing so. He also owns an old horse farm, where he taps into the competitive spirit of other doms and masters with rickshaw races held on occasion. But an unrelated chain of events meet and intertwine, and in time he finds himself owner of several amazing women, a flurry of remarkable and devoted slaves, loving him and loving being under his power.


Jesus … I’ve been with some skilled men in the sack, but you … holy crap,” she managed to say as she slid up his body and curled up into his arms. “Thank you, Master. I needed this. I know this might sound a bit fucked up, but … I’m starting to love you, Sir. Please be vicious with me tomorrow. I’m going to need that.”

 “How vicious are you begging me to be?” Josiah asked.

 “I want what you’ve done so far to seem like a kiss from my kindly old grandma back in Kent,” Lucretia said. “I … please, Master. It’s not the first time for me. I need it.”

leather whip and a woman in handcuffs, sepia and toning

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Volume II: Bonding



As the story of Josiah and his expanded family of slaves continues, the family expands further when new clientele are taken on, potentially to be adopted. Elaine comes in, injured from an accident at home, with her slaves Marvin and Beth, who have a most unhappy history with Darla. It is a history that killed Darla’s marriage, and threatens far worse damage to her as fresh revelations from Marvin, and then from Beth, disturb Darla even further.

Conflict arises, deep and profound, as the four become seven, and Josiah is left having to make a map into their future, to end the conflicts and bind them as family. Will his love and lashes succeed in bonding the seven into one, or are the divisions simply too deep for the damage to be undone?


“I’m the one who feels blessed,” Darla said. “If it wasn’t for him … and my sisters … I think I’d have just leapt from a skyscraper Monday. I had nothing left, and they gave me themselves, their love, their lashes, their trust. And now here you are and trusting me more than anyone’s ever done before in my life and I’m just … it’s overwhelming, but wonderful. I’m going to be horsewhipped with Marvin and Beth. Master doesn’t think it’s a great idea, but I asked for it, literally asked him to give me what they’re getting, and he decided if I think it’s going to help me, he’s going to do it.”


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Volume III: Slave Life



Astrid and Becky have joined the family, and things seem to be normalizing, when a death changes their lives forever. In the midst of it, one slave meets with redemption and forgiveness. Meanwhile, a friendship is forged between Josiah and Simon, master of Anita. Anita is an attorney but seems to have but a nodding acquaintance with ethics, and Simon wants to learn more of dominance, to master Anita more effectively. Along the way, the bonds of Clan Bailey grow stronger than ever …


“Time to claim my right,” he said, and kissed her while she moaned and writhed. He took his time, touching and caressing, nibbling and kissing, as she trembled and broke out in goosebumps.

 “Jesus, take me,” she gasped. “Take me, I’m yours, Master.”

 “All in good time,” Josiah said as he nibbled at her labia, and then found her clitoris and delivered a sweet attack that sent her trembling anew before she bucked and thrashed, and screeched through an intense cum that left a huge wet spot.

And then it was time as he slid into her, kissing her again, their tongues dancing with one another as he filled her with his erection and she gasped, crying out as her hymen was pierced, and almost immediately climaxing again, helpless under the far larger man as she gasped and panted, trying to assemble her mind.

Josiah thrust slowly and gently in and out of her as she quivered, begging him for his seed. She didn’t have to wait long before her tight walls overcame him, and he growled as he erupted into her, bringing on yet another climax from the utterly wrung-out slave before he drew out of her and stroked her hair while her mind was in a whirl.

 “Oh dear God,” she managed to say as he kept stroking her hair, and then she smiled at him. “You own me entirely if you’ll have me, Master. Jesus, that was … you’re incredible, Sir.”

 “Well, thank you, little lady,” Josiah drawled.


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Volume IV: Bound In Love



The saga continues as a new client arrives to be trained and kept in custody as her master travels overseas on a work assignment where he cannot take her. Her conduct opens up old wounds inside Becky, and a counselor’s presence only makes things worse, but the family rallies around to try to heal those wounds once and for all. Meanwhile, Anita’s family shocks her with their knowledge of her lifestyle and a dose of tough love. A profoundly changed Molly strives to make amends to people she wronged not long ago, and in this, blunders onto help for Becky.

As a way of repayment, the slaves all contribute to a special gift for Josiah, a gift of their love for him and understanding of an important part of his past. Along the way, bonds tighten among the family, as master and slaves all grow together …


“I always understood better the clients coming to me for punishment for real wrongs,” Lucretia said.  “And my conscience doesn’t bother me one bit here for the things I’ve done with my brothers and sisters.  We’re here by consent, admit we deserve it, and not only accept but embrace the consequences of misconduct.

But I understand guilty feelings don’t listen to exonerating logic, Simon.  Don’t decide right now.  Take time to think this through.  If you want me to take you to my dungeon to help you get rid of this, I’m willing, and I bet Master would understand.  If you’d rather the other slaves don’t know, then it’ll be only for you and me to know.

It can be confusing to slaves seeing a master taking punishment.  When I was with Tony, I went to another dominatrix I knew for sessions, and never breathed a word of it to him until that day we broke up.  He wouldn’t have understood.  Anyway, kick it around, and if you feel that’s what’ll get you through this, I’m willing.”  She kissed him gently and smiled.  “In case you haven’t figured this out, you big dummy, we’re all very fond of you.  If Josiah is the father of this family, I think of you and Anita as a favored uncle and cousin.  Shall we go back to the cabin?”

 “Yeah … I want to check in on Anita,” Simon said.  “And I guess I owe a tall apology to everyone for the fool I made of myself over there.”

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Volume V: Into Tomorrow



As the saga comes toward its end, the family meets with fresh new challenges and some old skeletons in long-forgotten closets. Tim reaches out to Darla through General Orton with a request, and old scars are ripped open in a confrontations that will hopefully lead to long-needed healing for all concerned.
And Josiah receives an unexpected call from someone he didn’t know existed, his niece, asking him to come to San Antonio to attend his long-lost brother, who has his own burdens to add to Josiah’s shoulders. Along the way, the family grows tighter with one another, and stronger, leading to a signal event …


“I’m going to add extra cuffs to all four points to give you a bit of wiggle room,” Josiah said to Becky.

 “Thank you, Sir,” Becky said.

 “You understand why this had to happen, yes?” Josiah asked.

 “I do, Master,” Becky answered.  “I needed to be put in my place, and it was atonement to Juniper and Rhiannon.  Haiylee was an added bonus, me having to pleasure her while she proved to this family, on the face of her best friend, that she serves and obeys.  To be honest, Master, it was hot as hell to me seeing you fuck her from this angle.  Turns out I’m a little pervert.”  She giggled a bit.  “Or pervette, if that’s a word.  It was depraved and sexy as hell.  I’m still turned on, but I guess as this starts to dry and the rash sets in, that’ll tame me quite a lot.”

 “It did with Molly,” Josiah observed.

 “Master, I love you,” Becky said.  “This was well-played tonight.  I hope Juniper and Rhiannon can forgive me.  And I hope it didn’t totally freak Haiylee.”

 “I’ll send her in here,” Josiah said.

 A moment later, Haiylee came in and looked uncertainly at Becky.  “Jesus, I guess we let the freak flags fly tonight, huh?” she said.

 “It’s a good life,” Becky returned.

 “I’m still wrapping my head around all of this,” Haiylee said, sitting on an upturned bucket, groaning as her switch-welted rump rested on the rough orange plastic.  “My God, I rode my best friend’s face, saw other women do that, and then got fucked by her master, straddling her face.  And then my former boss ate his seed from me while another former boss sucked his cock clean of me and … Good Lord, probably even God is in Heaven saying ‘they didn’t get that freaky in Sodom and Gomorrah.’”  Both girls giggled.

 “Time to be serious,” Becky said.  “Think on this.  Was this done to me or for me, Haiylee?”

 “I … wow …” Haiylee sputtered.

 “While we’re at it, that whipping you took out there earlier,” Becky pressed.  “Was it done for you or to you?  It’s a subjective question, so in a way there’s no wrong answer, but on the other hand, your answer defines your attitude and whether this is right for you, Haiylee.”

 “Wow, you really play for keeps these days,” Haiylee said.

 “That’s because I’m not playing,” Becky returned.  “Look, I told you earlier and I’ll say this again, whether or not you’re a part of this family, you’re still a part of my family, and I’m going to love you just the same, Sis.  But this is where you need to be selfish, where you need to ask yourself ‘what is best for Haiylee.’  You can’t succeed in this if you’re trying to please me.  You can only succeed if you want and need what this family has to offer, Haiylee.”

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Jim Ford is a widower, turning to work where he used to turn to his wife and slave Colleen. Until one day his old friend Corbin calls and, with his wife and slave Belinda, charges into his life. The two need a huge favor from Jim, and in it, a huge gift for Jim …


An hour later, in his bed, Jim had her again, this time slower, far more lovemaking than the raw animal sex they’d enjoyed upstairs in the dungeon. He slid into her slowly, taking his time, stopping when he got close to his climax, feeling her tightness grasping him, groaning at their shared passion, before she climaxed twice and he finally pushed through hard and fast, erupting deeply into her as they both shuddered at the intensity. They kissed one another and fell to sleep in an agreeable tangle of naked flesh.

Displaying Legacyteaser.jpg

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Blind Date



Audrey works with Jack’s brother and Jack works with Audrey’s best friend. A matchmaking campaign is launched and the two agree to meet for a blind date, lunch at Mabel’s Tables followed by a baseball game. The date is going wonderfully until a thoughtless comment from Audrey derails it, and Jack calls things off. Two hours later, after an aimless drive to cool his annoyance, he arrives home. Moments later, his doorbell rings. It’s Audrey, bearing a ready apology and ready to pay the price for her thoughtless words …


“Sir, I would ask to keep the cuffs,” Audrey said. “But … another consideration, Sir?”

 “Ask,” Jack said.

 “Kiss me, please,” Audrey whimpered. “Show me a taste of what could be mine if I prove myself to you up there.” Jack stepped to her, twisted her hair in his hand and tipped her head back, and then plundered her with a deep and searching kiss, pressing his erection against her belly, through the rough denim of his jeans. The kiss broke and Audrey gasped.

 “Oh God … take me, I’m yours,” she moaned. “Holy smokes!

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Mitzi, 18 years old, was caught cheating on a final exam. The headmaster, Mr. Dorsey, gives her a choice of expulsion or remaining in detention, being punished through the winter break. Mitzi knows her parents will bar her from returning home in such dishonor, so what other choice has she? Along the way, she discovers much about herself.


“You shall please me with your mouth this time,” Dorsey ordered. “If you’re displeasing in the least, there will be added punishment to you, Miss Stafford. Suck it and swallow my cum.” Mitzi didn’t reply. She simply took him deep into her mouth, teasing with her tongue and sucking as Dorsey groaned, then took a breath and went fully down, swallowing the head of his hardened cock at the back of her throat. Mitzi bobbed her head up and down, not daring to stop as she teased and tormented Dorsey. She could feel his body thrumming under her ministrations, and in a moment, he grasped her hair, impaling her mouth, forcing his cock into her throat, and in a moment let loose a shuddering groan as he came into her mouth. Mitzi swallowed, terrified of spilling his seed, desperately consuming his cum until he nudged her away.

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My name is Vince Tucker. I met Nicki Stuart as a customer at the gas station where she works. I always liked to flirt a bit with her, until one morning a flirtation led to a clumsy accident, which led to a test balloon, which led to a date that led to … well, read and see …


I fetched the paddle I’d made for her, and gave an experimental smack to her ass, not particularly hard, but enough to sting, and Nicki moaned. “Harder, please, Sir,” she begged. I obliged, hitting her harder, a blow of about half-strength, and she growled like a wildcat needing her tom to breed her. I waited a few seconds and smacked her again, slightly harder, watching her lovely ass take on a pink flush as she writhed what little her bonds would allow. She never asked mercy, only moaned a bit louder until she started weeping around the thirteenth smack of the paddle, wracked with sobs by the twentieth. I stopped at thirty, eyeing her heated red ass, purple in a few little places, and decided that was enough. Besides, I was so horny I ached from it, and stepped from my shoes and pants.

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Evelyn and Mark are a dominant and submissive living far from one another, able to see one another a few times yearly around their careers. Evelyn misbehaves and Mark sends her to a dominatrix for punishment, but Mark has a special surprise in store for his Evelyn …


Wordlessly, Evelyn obeyed, placing herself in position to be restrained, and in a moment, leather cuffs were on her ankles, tightly snubbed to rings in place, and a moment later, similar cuffs bound her wrists, and then straps bound her above and below each knee, and above and below each elbow. Finally, a long strap went around her lower back, cinching her tightly to the belly board of the bench. Evelyn was so restrained, she could do little more than blinking her eyes. A curtain was drawn and wall-mounted television revealed, and then it came on and Evelyn saw Mark on the screen, sitting at a table with a bottle of Skyy vodka in front of him.

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Ed has known the beautiful Allison virtually his entire life. But Ed went on to become an adult, and Allison, once his babysitter, never quite grew up. Allison’s immaturity finds her waking Ed with a 3:00 AM phone call and Ed reading her the riot act, one that resonates with her and makes her realize she needs to grow up. But she knows she needs Ed’s help in her taming and training.


“I bet it’s going to love going into your ass,” I told her, and she whimpered anew, but held her tongue. I stood behind her and did some fast calculations, deciding her ass needed to be a bit higher. “Don’t go anywhere,” I said, and stepped down to the garage, where I got a length of 4×6 lumber and carried it up to the dungeon, where I put it under the rear legs of the bench, raising her ass a bit, and pleased with the height as she shivered, knowing what was coming.

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Lucas X. Black has gathered a collection of tales.

Blind Date

And the never-before-published Indentured, the tale of Elizabeth Martin, who is purchased as an indenture in 1757 Georgia Colony by David Montgomery as a gift to his son Thomas, visiting from his own plantation.


The cabin was far bigger than the word would imply, and the bedchamber of it was nearly as large as Thomas’ bedchamber in the big house of the plantation.  “Strip from your dress,” he ordered.  “And then bend over the bed.”

 “Yes, Sir,” Elizabeth said, propriety dispensed and already replaced with utter obedience.

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  1. Looking forward to you next tale, Lucas, Surrendered for Love–what a great title! And your kids answer shows us there are many layers to you. Loved the interview you two!

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