Author Spotlight: Patrick Khayler

Patrick Khayler was one of the first writers of erotic romance of the opposite sex I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. He is a creator of beautiful and sensual tales, fascinating characters and plots that keep the reader hooked to his novels. Make no mistake, my guest today is not a self-proclaimed Casanova who writes his books as memoirs. He is a loving husband and father and his significant other is his greatest muse. However, he also has a kinky, liberated mind, curiosity and incredible, clinical observance of human nature, sexuality, needs, and drives. Today I’ll present you his world of awakening. I know you’re not afraid of the spotlight, Patrick, so come forward.

Patrick Khayler

Lilah: I usually have ladies for the Author Spotlight but today I’d like to present to you one of the finest new male writers in the erotic romance genre. Hello, Patrick, it’s a huge pleasure to have you in here. How does it feel to be a man in a genre usually associated with female writers? Do you feel well among so many women?

Patrick: Thank you so much, Lilah. The pleasure is mine. This is such a fantastic opportunity to let my readers know a little more about me. So, how does it feel to be a male to be in a female dominated genre? I have to admit, it was a little strange at first. When I first started promoting Patrick Khayler, months passed before I saw a single male pop up on my timeline. Most of the authors and nearly all of the readers are women. When I started with my current publishing house, I was the only active male in a collection of 840 authors. Although it’s an interesting demography, I never thought that being a part of the male minority in a female majority was either odd or problematic. I started writing for my wife in the genre she most enjoyed. I guess I knew romance/erotica was mostly women when I started but, at the time, I never actually thought I would be published. I think the hardest thing for me was writing from a female POV. I always wonder if I got it right. I don’t want to offend anyone or make the dialogue sound superficial. Since my wife always reads my works first, she tends to find anything way out of line well before the public ever sees it.

Lilah: You wrote The Present as a gift for your wife. Did you have any prior writing experience or that was your first attempt?

Patrick: It was definitely my first attempt. Across all genres, I’ve always been an avid reader. For years I’ve wanted to write and just never got around to it. Excuses were abundant. For one reason or another, I never got started. A couple of years ago I wrote a very naughty short story for my wife’s birthday present. Although it was more porn than literature, she loved it. He reaction was all the motivation I needed. I wrote a few more chapters and then, an entire novel. I had no intention of becoming a “writer”. After The Present, I wrote another novel (Reprise, next January you’ll see it I promise) and she then she dropped the bomb. “When are you going to publish them?” Publish? The thought was beyond comprehension and completely unexpected. I submitted it because she asked: if momma ain’t happy, no one’s happy. During the hundreds of hours I spent editing The Present, I learned an incredible amount. I watched the words I’d written transform and become something beautiful. I’d created something from nothing and it felt wonderful. So, here I am.


Lilah: Tell us more about the process of writing your first novel? What was the most difficult when creating the world and characters?

Patrick: Most difficult is hard to quantify. There are so many phases of pain in your first novel. At least for me. The first hurdle was the idea. A tiny outline of beginning, middle and end. You sit down and start writing. Basic mechanics get in the way. Does the parenthesis go here? Is that a new paragraph? With a massive leap, you clear that obstacle and another pops up. The character is here, I want them to go here so they have to… do what? Word after word, sentence after sentence, page after page. It grows and you get more excited. Then you go back and read it. Awful. This has to go. This has to be re-written. Iteration after iteration and finally, you are so tired of it that you never want to see it again. You want to throw it out the window and never write another word. Finally, you have some sense of completion. You send it to your publisher and it is accepted. You are so excited!! I’m a writer! I’m a writer! Then the real pain begins. The editor sends it back to you. You don’t know shit about POV, dangling modifiers, active or passive voice. You listen. You work. Massage and re-work. Then one day it’s done. You are happy again. For a little while. The good news is, it gets easier with every word you write.

Lilah: Which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?

2Patrick: Creation of something from nothing. I love the ideas the most. Something hits me like a sledgehammer. I start to scribble notes. Idea after idea. It would be so cool if… I can’t wait to write this part! You know what would make this great? You dig in and start to pound out words. Then it happens, you’ve been writing a few hours and you find the zone. Everything clicks. Word after word flying from your fingertips. Excitement. Passion. Creation. An addiction.

Lilah: Do you get any ideas and suggestions from your wife, as she is an avid reader of the genre?

Patrick: She never gives me plot ideas per se but the ideas come from her and life more indirectly. I see something happen or hear someone say something and it touches off an idea. In my first book (The Present), my wife and I talked a lot about the direction this idea or that idea should go. Later she said she wished it was an MMF. So I wrote an MMF follow up because it was a great idea. When she read Valentine Dreams, she had me change some ideas and concepts because she thought they would offend or upset readers. She was right. So I changed it. She loves the alpha male paranormal stories. I love the powerful female protagonist, exploring her own sexuality and controlling the world around her as she discovers herself. In short, we like different things but she remains my most powerful muse.

Lilah: Is there any aspect of human sexuality you’d enjoy reading and writing about but wouldn’t want to experience in real life?

Patrick: This is a great question and touches on a lot of the things you and I talked about when I was beta reading Unorthodox Therapy. My wife and I love toys. She loves to be tied up and taken to the edge and I love being the one who takes her there and controls the scene. However, our interest stops at BDSM Light. The true Dom/Sub relationship is much more complicated and you did a brilliant job of exploring its limits in Unorthodox Therapy. This isn’t a shameless plug for your book, I mean it. In a true Dom/Sub relationship, both the Dom and the Sub can be altered forever psychologically. The argument made is that they help each other reveal what they always were through pain and sometimes degradation. They unveil truth and both are fulfilled. In my mind, you risk changing both the Dom and the Sub forever, not revealing truth but something else entirely. I love reading about it when someone gets it right like you did, but I have no desire to go there myself. In Bound By Cotton, the submissive is fulfilled because she is taken where she has never been. However, she was always in control. In my world the sub is always in charge. Never altered. Their minds are never broken. For me, that is the edge. Some things should be left alone. I don’t judge, it’s just my hard limit. I love powerful women. Unorthodox Therapy shows you can be that woman and still submit… or can you?


Lilah: Which of your written works are you most proud with? Favorite character of yours?

Patrick: Ha! Amelia is my favorite story I’ve written so far but it isn’t published. If everything works out as planned you will be able to get it for free in January. Every time I read it I get choked up. It’s a short story but I said everything I wanted to say. Domina, the novel I just finished is my best writing so far. It’s written in Deep Third POV and I think readers will be pulled into it completely. That’s my goal for writing: complete absorption. Becky Sanchez was my favorite character until now. She was introduced in The Present and goes on to explore her own sexuality in Valentine Dreams and Bound By Cotton. She still needs her HEA which I will get too, I promise. In Domina, Samantha Keating has a lot to offer and I think she’s become my new favorite. She controls her destiny. She is Domina.

Lilah: What is next for Patrick Khayler? What should we expect to read from you in the near future?

Patrick: I just finished writing Domina. It should be published soon. Rather than tell you about it I will give you my new blurb and let you decide.

Samantha Keating is every man’s dream. A gorgeous woman willing to do anything and everything for the man she loves. So why is it always her whose left broken hearted and alone? When her latest relationship falls the way of all the others, Sam is ready for a change. From now on, she’ll be the one in control. She’ll determine who can have her heart and whose will be shattered. All she has to do is make her dream a reality. When a beautiful woman with unearthly powers offers to teach her both control and submission, Samantha pounces on the opportunity of a lifetime. Of course, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Sam must figure out how to make the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen submit to her every kinky whim and lustful desire without question. The stakes are high and Samantha is more than willing to try but there’s one small problem she’ll have to overcome first. The man she needs to seduce is the most disrespectful, self-centered, conceited horse’s ass she’s ever met.

Lilah: Would you try your hand in a different genre?

Patrick: Absolutely. Next year I am going to write a thriller, a time travel fantasy, and a young adult fantasy. I’ll keep writing erotica but I want to keep pushing my own limits. I want every book to be something new and unique until I discover the writer I am supposed to be. I just love writing. The stories have to come out. I just wish I could type faster and had more time.

Lilah: Thank you for your time, Patrick, I wish you all the best in your future writing career. Last thing before you leave, share something with us that most people don’t know or suspect about you?

Patrick: I am a husband. A father. A writer. I’ve been with my wife for 26 years and we’ve been married for 19 of those years. My wife and I are quite kinky and are always pushing our limits. Writing erotica has opened subjects of communication neither of us ever imagined and unveiled desires we should have shared long ago. Talking isn’t communication. Communicate with your significant other and you will be surprised what you uncover. I guarantee it. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Lilah. I’m so glad we got to know each other and look forward to years of continued interaction and discussions. May your skies be filled with stars, you will always have five from me.

Apart from being an amazing writer of prose Patrick is no stranger to poetry. And by saying “no stranger” I mean he is amazing at creating rhymes as well as stories and characters. If his eloquence hasn’t persuaded you I’d like to present two of his poems. The second one, Grief In Toe Shoes, is my personal favorite. There is nothing quite like an emotion without the extra dose of cheese.


Grief in Toe Shoes

Shhhh. Listen.

The strings are tuned.

The Maestro taps upon the stand.

The audience is silent.

First Position

Toes out. Less than two inches between the heels.

“No. It can’t be true.” You feel the awkward nature pull you forward.

Legs straight facing toward the toes.

“We loved each other.” Rocking forward. Burning thighs.

Arms in front. Elbows up. Tilt the hands. plié and up.

“He’ll be back.” Your spine begins to ache.

Stand up straight! Watch your frame.

“It’s not over.”

Wait for me.

Second Position

Heels below the hips.

“That son of a bitch.” Your feet want to slide away. Thighs burn as you pull inward, refusing to trust

Open your hands. Below the elbows.

“He has no fucking right to do this to me.” Arms heavy. Burning biceps.

Stand up straight! Watch your frame.

“He’ll be sorry!”

Hear me.

Third Position

Heels cross.

“It was my fault. If I only could have changed.” Needles drive into the shins. Reposition. Reposition.

Close your arms. Open right. Close your arms. Open left.

“I’ll change and he’ll come back.” Sweat drips down your brow. Mixing with the tears.

Stand up straight! Watch your frame.

“My hair. My nails. The way I walk. The way I am. All of it can change.”

See me.

Fourth Position

One foot in front of the other. Less than 12 inches

“I don’t want to do this anymore.” The tears fall faster. Your face is hot.

Toes and heels align.

“Stop please. No more.” Breath in ragged breaks. Knees ache as the sobs tear you from the inside out.

Open your right arm. Raise the left above your head. First. Open Left. Right above your head.

“Just let me be. Leave me alone.” Reddened eyes of fire. Cold iron in your chest.

Stand up straight! Watch your frame.

“No.” You shake your head. “No.”

Want me.

Fifth Position

One foot in front of the other. Close together.

“I am myself. Good enough for anyone.” Pain as the toes turn outward.

Straight legs. Turn out completely.

“A new beginning. A new start. Everything I ever wanted.” Aching knees. Burning back.

Raise both hands high. Open slightly. A music box.

“I can move on with acceptance.” Shoulders tight.

Stand up straight! Watch your frame.

“To be is enough.”

Touch me.

Sixth Position

“There is no sixth,” you tilt your head. Confused.

My hands upon your waist. Hot. Tight. Fifth position hands. Press up on your toes.

The burn begins. “It’s too hard.” Cracking pain shooting through tired feet. Shaking legs.

I find your eyes and take your stare. Lift. I have you.

Shooting. Burning. Blazing hurt. Everything you want to forget. “It’s too high. I don’t want to fall again.” Shaking sweat.

If you fall, I am here.

The toes point as you try to breathe. “Promise me.”

You must be prepared to fall so you can live.

To catch.

To love.

To breathe.

I am yours.

Thanks to Patrick for joining us today, sharing his thoughts, plans, and poetry. If you are not yet persuaded or allured into his seductive, sensual world here are some beautiful excerpts that may help you make up your mind.



Elisabeth’s felt the hot tears trickle across her cheeks, bumping across the residue of deep wounds sustained so long ago. Poorly healed and puckered scars which no longer hurt but still seemed to fester when Amelia wasn’t near.

You never saw them, my heart.

Elisabeth’s heart started to pound. She breathed faster, trying to understand why the air seemed so thin.


I don’t want to be scared, Amelia. A few more memories. To remember how you taste. To hold you until I can’t anymore.

For non-citizens living in The Cut, tomorrow never came. Tight tummy’s growled with hunger. Homeless children fought over scraps of food a rat wouldn’t eat. Terror filled nights of bitter cold which never seemed to end. Dreams of sun which couldn’t penetrate the blackened, smog filled sky. Caustic rain which never ceased.

Do what needs to be done. Survive.

She’d been shivering in the dark when Amelia found her. Tossed to the side when the men were done with her. Battered. Sore. Unable to walk. Blood pooling beneath her head. Through crimson tinged vision, the blond haired angel squatted beside her with a smile.

Always a smile.

“Aren’t you a mess then.” Amelia’s voice jingled like a tiny bell. She stretched out a dirty sleeve and blotted the blood from Elisabeth’s face. “Do you believe some souls were meant to find each other?”

Elisabeth was in too much pain to even grimace. She closed her eyes and prayed for death. She didn’t want to fight anymore.

“Well,” the pretty blond chimed again. “I guess we better get you fixed up or I’m never gonna get my answer. Take my hand. I’ll help you up. It’s not safe here and I think it’s gonna rain.” She giggled at her own joke.

It never stopped raining in The Cut.

No one in the streets gave their food to someone else.

Except Amelia.



Gage’s jaw seemed to loosen before he walked toward her but she didn’t stare long enough to make sure. Concentrating, she tried to appear indifferent to his approach even though her heart raced. As he came close enough to touch her, she could almost feel his black eyes burning into her flesh.

His voice dropped low. The tone he used when he wished to be in control. “Is that all you want me to wash?”

Not this time Gage. This is my show. Knowing she had his full attention now, she forced a lighthearted laugh. Her thumbs hooked over the waistband of her tiny black lace panties as she stared across the placid pool. Katherine’s moans had changed to high pitched cries of ‘Yes!” as Sam pushed the fabric downward, moving her hips left to right. Instead of letting them fall to the ground she stepped clear and held them dangling from her index finger. She offered them to Gage and barely held back her smile as he accepted them like precious jewels. “Is that wet enough for you? They were going to start dripping if I didn’t get them off soon. I’d much rather go without.”

Her mouth became parched as he raised the black lace to his nose and inhaled deeply. Sam hoped her voice wouldn’t crack. “I must say your wife is having quite the effect on me. I adore the scent of a properly whetted pussy now.” Sam swallowed hard and waded into the warm water. She could feel her hot juices begin their slow trickle down her leg as the water covered her swollen lips. “Almost as much as the taste of a hard cock pumping hot cum down my throat.” As she splashed the water onto her neck, she pressed her breasts together, waiting for his touch.

His hands found her shoulders first. Relentless pressure softening her muscles beneath his palms. When his hot breath caressed the hairs on her neck, she pushed her hips backward until his hard cock pressed against her ass. Swollen. Solid. Perhaps you will kneel after all. His hands moved beneath her arms and caressed her breasts as he pulled her tightly against him.

Now, after you caught glimpses of Patrick and his work you may want to check out his full-length novels?




Blurb: Lisa and Davis love each other as much as any two people can. With the children gone for a single evening for the first time ever, the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary already promises unbridled pleasure. A chance meeting with recent divorcee Becky leads Lisa to stumble on the opportunity of a lifetime and she realizes she’s found a priceless object both she and Davis have long desired. If she can just acquire this perfect present, a lust-filled erotic fantasy beyond imagining will provide them all with a night they’ll never forget.
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Blurb: Assistant Principal Becky moved to Houston for a new start but as Valentine’s Day approaches, she can only think about the couple she left behind and that life-changing night they allowed her to share. So when a breathtaking woman suddenly appears and melts Becky’s panties with just one hot look, newly awakened Becky can’t wait for what their next encounter might bring. Hiding her desire to be with another woman is hard enough but dodging her work duties to be with the mysterious, almost unearthly, object of her desire might just end her career. The enchantress promises Becky a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget but first Becky has to be bold enough to seek out Valentine Dreams of limitless pleasure.
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Blurb: Becky’s Valentine Dreams left her with a longing for the supernatural, and as another holiday approaches, she’s ripe for another sexual adventure. Museum curator Peter isn’t what she’d expected but, then again, trying to fathom the wants of unearthly beings is complicated at best. His tastes are far more exotic than she’s used to and may just be more extreme than she can handle. Her mysterious new lover can fulfill her every lust-filled fantasy, force her to her knees with a look, have her wet and writhing with a touch and leave her aching for the explosive release only he can bring.

Unimaginable desires tease just beyond her reach, unimagined pleasures tempered by pain, a lifetime of learning in a single night—but first Becky must learn to submit.
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  1. What a great interview! Thank you both for giving us a glimpse inside a wonderfully-talented and kinky mind. I’m delighted more men are writing in this genre and thrilled that Patrick’s one of them.

  2. A great interview, Lilah. I regret that I haven’t read any of Patrick’s books yet. However, after reading some of the excerpts above, I will certainly rectify that very soon. And poetry too? A talented man.

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