Be My Guest On Tuesday: Kristen Kelly and Captured


Today at Be My Guest On Tuesday I have Kristen Kelly visiting. If you love sexy contemporary romance and seductive menage stories you might find that story right for you. Grab it now while it is only .99cents.


They say good things happen to those who give back.
What a load of crap!
My whole life all I did was give.
To my sister who moved away.
To my mother who up and died!
To my stepfather who didn’t deserve it.
Now it’s my turn…
But when I actually find not one, but two sexy hot men to fulfill my every fantasy, who the hell do I choose?
I want them both.
So bad I can taste them!
One is the strong, dominating, voice-booming, panty dropping male no woman can resist.
And his brother?
Well, he doesn’t need to speak at all. Not with a tongue that does so many delicious obscene naughty things to my body. I’d do anything for him. Or to him.
They say be careful of what you wish for.
Ain’t it the truth?

Captured by Kristen Kelly is a full-length, Sexy as Sin, Contemporary Romance novel, with no cliff hangers and a happily ever after.


“You sure?” Charlie murmured into my hair as he ravaged my neck with hot steamy kisses.
He pulled back, studying my face.
“I dare you to take my panties off, ” I said, signaling an avalanche of white-hot lust blazed across his face. And there was that beautiful smile again before he practically ripped the buttons off my shirt
He lifted my hair over my shoulder and then fumbled with the back of my bra. “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you, Sabrina. Damn, it’s all I’ve thought about.. Can’t get… What in the name of…?”
“It’s in the front,” I said, unclasping my bra with a single action and my breasts bouncing
free. He took one in his mouth and sucked the tiny nipple, making it stand erect while I
unzipped his pants halfway down.
Soft curly hairs flitted through my fingertips.
I gasped when his weeping cock poked my palm. Holy shit! The guy was going commando.



As I lay there in nothing but my shirt which was spread wide open, my brassiere inside my armpits, all I could think about was how perfect this was. How perfect we were. Having sex outdoors, without a single soul to hear my shouts, my moans of ecstasy, my pleasure, gave me such confidence to let myself go, I felt euphoric. Liberated and free, and we’d not even had sex yet.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary,” Charlie said, grinning. The trees made shadows along his chin, making him appear dangerous and dark. A small dimple winked back at me.

“I was just thinking.” His hand was still wrapped around his magnificent cock and he was stroking it. I’d never seen anything sexier in my life.

Salivating, I almost forgot what I was going to say. “I’ve never sucked a man off before.”


I pulled Sabrina into my arms and kissed her with all my heart, while Charlie looked on, stunned.

I couldn’t help it. If we were never going to see her again, at least she was going to know how I felt about her. I didn’t care if she’d had my brother. Hell, I didn’t care if she’d had a whole damn basketball team. I needed to taste her sweet lips for what I feared could be the very last time.

Knowing she and Charlie most likely had done the dirty deed, I’d expected Sabrina to yank herself free from my embrace. Slap my face. Anything but what she did next.

Her arms swung around my neck and her body folded into mine while I devoured her with my tongue. Blazing heat made a beeline to my groin, making me hard in seconds. I yearned for more than just a kiss. Much, much, more. God, how I missed this. Missed someone like her. How was I going to go back to my miserable lonely existence.


I giggled too, and I loved that he called me ‘babe.’ That was something new. It gave me a sick sort of pleasure seeing these two grown men squirming and fidgeting while they waited for me to turn around fully dressed. I was pretty sure both of them were sporting huge hardons too.

“Okay, I’m done,” I announced.

“Wait! What? That’s not the way you wear that shirt,” Charlie said, flustered. “You’ve got it on backward, woman.”

“Oh,” I said trying to be coy and looking behind me. “How did that happen? Okay, I’ll fix this.” Turn around again, you two.”

Charlie groaned, but then both men turned their backs to me. I took the shirt off, along with my bra this time. Then I put my arms inside the sleeves leaving the buttons open in the front. “Okay,” I announced.

The fire cast shadows across both men’s faces when they turned, and their eyes gleaned, making them appear sexy as hell in their red and grey flannel shirts and two-day growths of beard. Like lumberjacks ready to pounce.


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