Cover Reveal: New Beginnings by Sarah Stein

Sarah Stein is my guest today, with a cover reveal of her latest novella, New Beginnings.

New Beginnings

New Beginning’s Blurb


Cherise feels her life is consumed by her children and work after losing her husband in a car accident. She’s pushed all those who have cared for her away so she could focus on the two things that matter the most. Her children. Her business.

Starting to feel like she’s missing a part of herself, she ventures out on a night with her best friend Destiny. After all, what could go wrong? Only the fact that she meets Logan who steals her heart after thinking she’s locked it up for good. Instead of walking away, she jumps into the unknown by taking a chance on love.

Her guilt has her at a standstill. She has to fight for what she wants and at that point, it’s Logan.


Logan has nothing to lose and all to gain. He feels a pull from Cherise that he can’t seem to resist. He knows that being enlisted Navy could cause friction by dating her but he doesn’t want to back down. He wants her to open up to him, to take a chance. He knows she has demons to work through due to her husband’s demise. He’s willing to put everything he’s got into their relationship. Throwing all he has into caring for her and her children he hopes to get Cherise to open her eyes and take a risk.


About The Author

I’ve always been an avid reader of romance, paranormal, and erotica. Reading has been my passion at an early age, and it’s what led me to experiment with writing. I’ve always had a passion for literature and creating stories from nothing. Today, I’m a multi-published romance and erotica author. My writing career began February 2016, since then I’ve written other works in various genres under pseudo names.

I’m from south Louisiana but reside in south Texas with my husband of many years, two children, a cat, a German shepherd, and a Dachshund. When I’m not spending quality time with my family, I’m singing, reading, writing, or researching for my present book.

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