Daily Prompt: Feather

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Prompt word: #Feather



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Trigger warnings: If dub-con and reluctance are not your themes you’d better leave now.

“Keep me tied all you want.” She hissed and shut her eyes closed, which earned her another slap on the thigh. His agile fingers repeated the pattern until the woman fluttered her eyelashes and stared up at him. A few teardrops fell from the seas of jade of her eyes and smeared her mascara.

She sank teeth into her ripe but bloodied lip and continued with a low voice. Her sharp nails were leaving marks on her palms as she squeezed them.

“Whip me if that makes your little cock hard.”  She arched her neck and a few raven locks to cover the side of her angry face. Tension rippled in her slender forearms when she tugged the hemp rope that tied her to the headboard.

“You can’t make me feel anything. You can force my tears out… not my pleasure.”

The young man said nothing. Ever since she woke up in his bed on that first morning he hardly said a word. His large, black eyes were doing all the talking. Whenever she stared at him in defiance she could read libraries of raw emotion in those dark lakes… and then the waters rippled and the gates closed. The illusion of connection faded.

He was quiet, calm, and his black clothes and pale face made him look like a ghost. He could spend hours watching her naked body, studying its curves, her different expressions, each small flaw. It was unnerving. The stranger didn’t touch her intimately even once.

“Just rape me already and get it over with.” She growled and winced when he touched the scar at the base of her belly. She hated him more than any other man, just like she hated the warmth he woke with this simple caress.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He whispered in a velvet voice, so deep it brought another strong shiver in her flesh. More tears of humiliation marked her face, a mess of mascara and wrath.

She didn’t notice the feather he was spinning between his fingers until it tickled her nipples. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips as he kept tracing the thin hairs down her breast and kept sliding it down. The man took his time and his dark eyes never moved from her face.

His captive growled in frustration when his slender fingers opened her up wider. The feather continued its obscene dance across her swollen nether lips. He leaned and whispered against them, not touching them with anything but his warm breath.

“Let’s play a game. If I can drive you crazy with just this feather…” His lips curled into a cruel smile. “I’ll let you go.”

“I don’t believe you.” She squinted her eyes.

“If you lose, though…” His thumb ran across her bottom lip and she winced. “I’ll put your pretty lips to a very good use.”

The moment the tiny hairs stroked her skin she felt the bittersweet taste of the upcoming defeat.

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  1. You never fail to grip my total interest! My mind is creating potential scenarios to go on from here, but you always do so much better with your writing than I can conjure in my mind. If you have more to write… please put me out of my misery, and write it. (grin) Your talent is huge, and I feel privileged whenever I have an opportunity to read something of yours!!!

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