Be My Guest On Tuesday: Angelica Dawson and the Beginning


It’s a beautiful May Tuesday morning and I start the month with a very special guest. Please, meet Angelica Dawson, an author of sensual, beautiful prose, creator of the Blue Moon House paranormal series, a collaborator in a bunch of anthologies (the latest of them is called Once Upon A Twisted Time and is coming out today) and the lady behind MidWeekTease. She agreed to stop by my place and present The Beginning, Book 8 of her novel of the Blue Moon series. It’s coming out on May 15th but you can pre-order it as early as today.


Sophia is on the run. A newly reborn vampire, she finds herself alone after an attack on her home. Running across Europe, she seeks a place to hide, and eventually, a place to fit in. She happens upon three adult sisters, orphaned and down on luck. If she can help them succeed, she might find her own success as well.

What would you do to find a family after yours was burned to ash?

How much pain could you stand to help a friend?

Where does a vampire really fit, anyway?


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A mild teaser to get you in the mood

Sophia heard the horses approaching before Louise did. “Someone is coming.”

“Quick, tell Nicole. She will have to greet them.” Her French turned to mumbling, which Sophia had trouble translating. She understood father, money and home though.

Nicole sat at the writing desk and cursed when the pen scratched across her careful letters. “Sophia! Can’t you—”

“Someone is here.” She had received tongue lashings from Nicole several times, both the verbal and literal varieties. Her hasty entrance and interruption would earn her another. Sophia didn’t worry about it, though. Louise had been urgent when she sent her.

“How do you know?” The quiet clip-clop grew steadily louder until Nicole could hear it for herself. “Claudette, find Louise and return here. Make sure she’s dressed like a lady.” There were many days Louise dressed in rough clothes to help Sophia with chores that required more than one pair of hands. “Embroider, appear as though neither of you has a care. Sophia, come with me.”

Claudette fled to the kitchen while Nicole and Sophia descended the rarely used main staircase and entered the foyer. Sophia had only gotten around to cleaning it twice. She and the sisters used the backdoor from the kitchen.

Nicole touched her hair, earrings, necklace, and smoothed her skirts. Once satisfied she was decent, she nodded to Sophia, who opened the door.

The man on the steps wasn’t well dressed and had mud on his boots and trousers. “Pardon, may I speak with the Baron?”

Nicole stepped forward. “I’m afraid you’ve missed him. He has gone hunting and won’t be back until the day after tomorrow.”

The man’s brow creased. “That’s a long hunt.”

Nicole waved it off. “He likes the harts of the highlands.”

He nodded at that. “They are the best sport. Very well, I have a message for him.” He produced a sealed letter and offered it to Sophia.

Surprised, it took her a moment to put out her hand. Understanding what was required, she carried the letter to Nicole.

“May I impose on you for something to eat? If I leave soon, I can make Lyon before dark, but I’m not supplied for that leg of the journey.”

“Of course. I apologize for not being able to host you. If you follow Sophia, she will see you get what you need.” Nicole remained in the entry as Sophia led the man into the kitchen.

“I have bread baked yesterday.” She took a breath to offer him cold chicken, but the words stalled when he took her hand.

“Is he really hunting?” The young man sported a deep crease in his forehead.

“That is what Mademoiselle said.”

His eyes narrowed and he released her. “Tell them they are very welcome, chaperone or no.”


Something HOT and SPICY

Arriving at Stephan’s tiny home, Sophia was relieved to find he, at least, was what she had taken him for, a young man starting off on his own. He released her arm to take her hand and pull her inside. She pretended to stumble and fall into him. He quickly put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her.

His hands didn’t move, but Luke’s did, sliding over her skirt and slowly hiking it up. His rough fingertips seemed to burn as they slid up her leg. He pressed into her from behind, pinning her between himself and Stephan.

Stephan broke the kiss just long enough to say. “You will stop us—”

“Don’t stop,” Sophia gasped, pulling Stephan’s face to her bosom. Luke worked her skirt up and his trousers down. She felt him hard between her buttocks and she rocked into him.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, “and so wet.”

She kissed the top of Stephan’s head and then his ear, nipping it with her sharp teeth to open a small gash that she sucked until it closed. Before it did, the men had manipulated her and her clothing to their advantage, the loose laces of her dress opening for her breasts in front. Stephan held one, his thumb brushing her nipple, while he suckled the other.

Luke wasted no time penetrating her and his thrusts made her breasts bob in Stephan’s hand and face. Her breasts were aflame at the light brushing of his fingertips and lips and she started to squeeze Luke inside her.

Stephan moved his hands lower, taking up her dress where it was bunched and pulling it off entirely. Luke reluctantly let go long enough to remove the garment. Sophia dropped to her feet and then knees, taking Luke in her hand and grabbing for Stephan as soon as he freed himself. She sucked one cock while stroking the other, switching often and reveling in the sounds each man made.

Her own need grew as each man approached his own climax. Luke pulled her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust into her roughly. Her head fell back in ecstasy as he filled her. Stephan’s arm wrapped around under her arms and over her breasts. Her head came to rest on his shoulder as Luke drove his cock in and out of her at a fever pitch. He wouldn’t last long, despite how desperately she wanted him to continue all night.

Stephan kissed and licked along her neck and she closed her eyes, turning her head to put her nose into his hair, under his ear. His cock left a hot sticky trail along her lower back and she knew in a few moments it would be his turn to fill her.



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About the Author


Angelica Dawson, USA Today best selling Naughty Nights Press author, has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards — mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.












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