Daily Prompt: Midnight

Rules: Feel free to join my daily prompt challenges by writing a story of 500 words or less centered around the prompt word. If you write it on your own blog, please, link back to mine. My main playground is erotica and romance but you can write your story in any genre. Prompt word: #Midnight PhotoContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Midnight”

#MasturbationMonday – Shameful #Fantasy of Hot #Degradation – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM

Tears began to flow down my face as he picked up his rhythm and alternated harsh blows with softer ones. He left signs of his claws and bit my shoulder, not giving me time to get used to the new sensation. My confused mind was wandering between the two extreme ends of the spectrum – intense pain and maddeningContinue reading “#MasturbationMonday – Shameful #Fantasy of Hot #Degradation – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM”