Be My Guest On Tuesday: Soliel De Bella and The Seduction of Lexi Dane

tuesdayIt’s Tuesday and it’s time for another author guest who’d  like to reveal her craft and work before you. Soliel de Bella is as she describes ‘a student of the Universe’ who enjoys writing tales depicting sexuality and an author with Amore Moon PublishingShe has written and published four books and today she’d like to tease you with her novel, The Seduction of Lexi Dane.




Lexie Dane has it all, a good job, handsome husband, and loving home, but there’s something missing in her life, like three years of which she has no memory. 

When she was twenty-one, she awoke in Chicago to learn she’d gone missing from a Missouri school when she was eighteen. With no family still alive back home, she decided to stay and start her life anew, yet always hoped that one day she’d discover what had happened to her. 

That day comes with an Internet ad for an adults only club and the owner’s picture that sparks a visceral reaction she can’t explain. To see if he has answers to her lost memories, she and her husband must join the club and subject themselves to sexual situations beyond their wildest imaginations. What she learns threatens to destroy her marriage and sets her on a dangerous road back to her missing past.


The crackling of a bonfire. My eyes fluttered open. Hooded figures wearing black robes dances and whirled in the firelight. Then I felt pain. My hands were tied above my head, and when I looked up, I saw the rope looped over a tree branch. I looked down at my bare feet, tied to the ground, my bare legs spread wide, and I realized I’d been stripped naked.
I heard screaming in the woods and the echo told me those screams were mine.

Soliel De Bella is a student of the Universe and enjoys Astrology in her spare time. Being a Scorpio, sexuality is a big part of her internal makeup, as well as anything considered taboo.  She loves to entertain her creative side by writing Erotica and indulging in all aspects of sexual desire and fulfillment. Soliel invites you into her carnal world where you’ll strip off the masks you wear in society to fully expose yourself to the sensuality burning inside your soul.

Originally from the rugged “Big Sky Country” of Montana, Soliel now resides in Chicago with her family.

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