Happy New Year! Here are my 2019 goals!

Happy New Year everyone! May it be full of health, love and prosperity as well as sex, booze, partying and… What? You’re saying we can’t have the two at the same time? Hey, let me have that sweet illusion for a bit… Allow me to keep it until I wake up at the end of the third week of January after I break all my sweet New Year’s resolutions of regular sports, healthy eating and such.

Goals are a different thing.

Resolutions are meant to be broken but goals must be met. 2018 was a pretty big year for me. I released the end of my first series, The Unorthodox Trilogy, and for a long time, I thought I was done with writing and publishing. It takes a lot of time, it’s hard and exhausting, especially when you have a day job like me and not enough hours per day for writing and marketing. I made a lot of personal sacrifices along the way and was focused solely on getting the last Unorthodox book out, for those of you who waited for it. I had started it so I might as well finish it.

I planned to bid you farewell and hoped you’d keep good memories of me.

Well, as you can see below, it looks like I’ll be here for a long time… or at least one more year. Why did I choose not to quit? There are many reasons in favor of this decision and even more in favor of giving up and being happy with what I accomplished.

The most important is that I love writing and the more I write the more I enjoyed spinning stories, creating plot lines, building worlds and characters. It’s the only job I’ve had that made me so happy. Especially when I hear from you and you let me know that my filthy stories have somehow touched you or affected you. I may never get to do write full-time but I’m glad I’m where I am…

… and I’m not ready to say goodbye and walk away just yet.

So my sincere thanks to everyone who was by my side in 2018 and to all who’ll stay with me over the next twelve months. It’s been an insane ride and honestly, things are just getting good.

All right, enough tear-jerking speeches. Here are my plans for 2019, now all that is left to accomplish them. Easy, right?


I plan to go back to the world of the Unorthodox Trilogy but that won’t happen earlier than January 2020. There will be at least one book for some of the most important side characters (Allie, Nate, Kat). There will also be cameo appearances by Thomas and Lina. That universe keeps expanding the more I write about it so there’s a good chance I’ll have stories over the next 20 years.

Let’s focus on now.

New Releases

(I reserve my right to change any titles or covers but I’ll do my best to stay true to the dates).

February 14 – Blood and Spice (Halloween Erotic Menage)

I had to release that short story for Halloween 2018 but instead, I’ll deliver it for Valentine’s Day. It will be about 19k, after all, so that makes it a little novella.

BDSM, maledom, femdom, M/F/M threesome, paranormal


There will be a red moon in the mountains this Halloween.

An immortal witch, her pet werewolf and an ancient vampire walk into a bookshop…

Laurel seduced Crescent Moon Springs from the moment she stepped in the little town, with her raven hair, silver tongue, and the spicy drinks at her bookshop. Her assistant Corwin allured the visitors just as much with his dark beauty and aura of mystery. No one suspected of their secret life and the power she has over him.

On the night of Halloween, a stranger with long hair and sharp teeth walks in their mysterious life. Nothing will ever be the same after that night of rough submission and exquisite erotic torture.

Severin will push Mistress Laurel and her loyal pet to dark places they had never been to. Can their bond survive?

May 15 – (Malt and Ginger)Midnight Encounters Vol. I

Book 1 of the Midnight Encounters duet. A love story between an older woman and a younger girl that started on one snowy evening two days before Christmas.  I’ll release book 2 for preorder on that day as well.

BDSM, femdom, F/f, MFF threesome, seduction


She was just a drop of amber on my lips.

When I ran into her at the dark parking lot I didn’t hope for a second glance…

… or a taste of my first whiskey, as smooth and seductive as her dark eyes…

… or for her to tie me to her bed and turn my body into her canvas of pain.

Olivia was the forbidden fruit I was never meant to taste…

… and now I can’t get enough of her lips.

The day when she’ll leave me behind is near.

May 31st – (Silk and Skotch) Midnight Encounters Vol. II

Unlike the Unorthodox Trilogy that tortured a lot of you, this time you’ll get the full story within two weeks. I’ll be writing the two books over January and February so they’d be ready in May. I hope there are at least some of you who enjoy F/f couples? I’d appreciate a comment or an e-mail.

June 30th – Strangers In The Night series

TheChallenge-3The Challenge, The Star, The Pet, The Mistress, The Switch

There will also be a boxed set with all the five novellas in one.

Two of the novellas of the Strangers In The Night series were published in 2016 but they got a lot of negative feedback (deservedly so, if I have to be honest) so I took them down for a re-write.

The stories are primarily erotica but there will be elements of romance and intimacy. It’s the story of a woman who experiences sexual awakening after the end of her troubling marriage. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended. 

September 01The Lily’s Petals

A tomboyish and athletic young woman, fresh out of high school, hires the most beautiful and seductive escort she’d ever met to release her of her pesky virginity and make her dirtiest fantasies come true. Can they keep it purely sexual when they are such a perfect match?

Standalone, BDSM, maledom, romance

December 01 – Untitled Christmas MMF erotic romance


Here we enter in the vague plans territory. I had this incredibly vague idea of a happy newly married couple going away on a winter holiday just to run into the husband’s old boyfriend. Much to her surprise, the wife finds she’s not jealous at all and plots to bring the other man in their married bed. I might change important elements of the plot but I’ll only be publishing that story in December next year so there’s plenty of time for it to come to life.

BDSM, menage, erotic romance, M/M/F

December 10th – Kitty’s Gift extended version + Stroker Ace Valentine edition


That will be my last Christmas gift and it will include a few extra scenes to my already published short story, Kitty’s Gift, Book 2 of the Mistress Kitty series. I’ll also tie in that series with one final, currently untitled novella, that will bring the threesome of Evan, Annabelle and Kitty together… maybe even for good.

MFF, BDSM, maledom, femdom, erotic romance

So, these are all the books I plan to release in 2019. You like it?

Works in Progress

In 2019 I’ll write two more books but since they’d be more… let’s say challenging, I’ll take my time with them. They won’t be published this year but I’ll write them and I’ll be sharing teasers. One of them is a dark erotic abduction thriller that will push me quite out of my comfort zone. It will take a bit of extensive world building and planning of the structure so it won’t come out before 2020. The other is The Piano Teacher, a complicated love story based on the rivalry of two brothers. (No incest, just good old-fashioned competition, and mindfuckery). I’ll write that novel for NaNoWriMo.

mockup Sample

Print Books

It’s time to finally take the plunge and give some of my books print versions. The entire Unorthodox Trilogy + a tiny book for Unorthodox Dom will go through that process. Unorthodox Dom will get its print version on April 10th and the rest of the books will follow respectively in September, October, and November. I’ll also do giveaways and will probably send autographed books (if you want a book with my ugly handwriting).

Audio Books

That is a difficult area to tackle as the costs of producing an audiobook are pretty huge and I have no idea if anyone would be interested. So, at that point, it’s unlikely I’ll have any of my longer books into audio format. However, it’s a pool I’d like to dip my toes in and I’ll try it with some of my smaller books, either Stroker Ace or The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo. I’ll do it even in December 2019 or January 2020.

Well, that’s all for now. If you find any of these projects interesting or you’d like to follow me, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list. I send a newsletter every Saturday but you can also choose an option to receive them once or twice a month. Click here, you’ll even get a free short story.

So, that’s all for now, do you like my plans? Which of my future projects are you excited about? I appreciate all comments and feedback, writing folks are suckers for it. 

All right 2019, let’s go for it.


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