#MasturbationMonday – Stripping in a Filthy Movie Theater

Time to get real filthy on Monday and what better way to start the new year than some seedy adult theater entertainment. Join V as she gets naked for the first time and dares to make one of her most shameful fantasies come true.


finalBefore my logical side can get a chance to kick in I grab the zipper and pull it down quickly, like a band-aid. You stare at me with an approving expression while I slide the dress down my forearms. It pools down at my feet and I shimmy out of it. That is the moment I decide to test the strangers in the room. I bend over and raise my ass cheeks while picking up my beloved dress. The loud groans and crude callings just prove I am all they follow. I hear the steps behind me and raise myself as slowly as possible, with a light wiggle of my wide hips.
“Fantastic, V.” You lick your lips and reach out to run your thumb down my chest.
“Now, that bra. You have a beautiful pair of breasts and it’s a shame to cover them.”
“Yeah, baby, show us your tits.” One of the guys calls out from behind me.
“Man, did you see that ass?”
Why do these rude, objectifying phrases turn me on so badly? I take the straps off my
shoulders and undo the bra, letting my big breasts spring out of their restraints.
“Turn around so these fine gentlemen can see you.”
I was burning, either of shame or desire, as I follow your order and face the men who
are stroking for me. They are so clear to see now in the light that was streaming from the
screen. My body is lit up as well and at that moment I truly feel like a porn star, larger than
life, insatiable and ready to give them the night of their wildest, filthiest dreams.


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