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MWTease15Hey guys, how is it going? I had a rather busy creative week, with a lot of caffeine nights and intense writing sprints. I’m currently past the 15k of Unorthodox Union but I have to pick up the pace over the next few weeks. I’m a classic case of overwriter and all my work is usually so long so… the first draft takes its time.

Anyway, last week I gave you a teaser of my heroine’s POV and her hesitation if she should provoke her Dom. Today I’ll give you some Thomas POV shortly after he catches her at a place she wasn’t supposed to be. Now let’s see what he’ll do.

Unorthodox Union is the final installment of the Unorthodox Trilogy and should come out in the Fall of 2018. Book 1 – Unorthodox Therapy and 2 – Unorthodox Chemistry are available on Amazon.


(Don’t judge the book by its cover, this one is temporary.)


I hesitantly reached out, picked her up by the chin and made her stare up at me. Her eyes were swimming with tears again, boundless longing and so much lust… but none of the horror. Lina’s bruised lips were forming one big ‘please’ while I was touching her face as tenderly as possible.
She wants this. We both want it. No more holding back.
Her wet eyes brought another memory, from another life. I had done something similar with Kat, my ex-girlfriend, and sub when she was going through harsh times. It helped her a lot.
“I’ll reward you if you do something for me, pet.” I leaned over for another kiss full of more affection than lust.
“Anything, sir…” Her passionate whisper was the single sexiest sound in the world, purring, seduction and desperate plea all at once.
“Crawl down the stairs on your knees, without changing your position, without dropping the stick. Can you handle that, little one?”
Lina swallowed nervously and I read the same hesitation in her glazed expression. I ran fingers through her hair and started massaging her with soft, soothing movements. My cock was at the level of neck and I pressed myself against her so she’d feel how hard I was for her.
“If you do that I’ll make you feel very, very good as soon as you reach the last step. You have done this before, remember?”
“Yes, I do remember…” Her voice shifted from despair to slow understanding. Lina tilted her head further and let out another dick hardening whisper. “Please, kiss me before I do it…”
That was going against the rules as I wanted her to work hard for those little rewards. In this case, Lina had every right to a kiss, though.
“My pleasure, little one.” I smiled and my heart began to beat with fresh hope. Her lips were both sweet and salty, bruised and tender when I leaned in to have a good taste of them. My hand slid down her graceful neck, without squeezing it. It simply traced its outline. Marking it. Savoring it. Lina stroked her tongue against mine and deepened the kiss. Hungry as always for more of that intimacy.
If I didn’t break the kiss anytime soon it would be hard to stop myself from taking her right there. So I pulled away with a soft sigh and placed my lips on her forehead for a small, sweet moment before I spanked her ass again.
“Go and crawl, tigress.” I took a step back and took the leisurely delight in watching her struggle with the difficult task. The last time I ordered her to perform such a disgraceful trick I was watching the world through the blinding lens of revenge. All I wanted was to harm her and watch her humiliate herself in the worst way possible. Admiring my sub’s performance was the last thing on my mind.
I stood against the wall so I’d watch her face.

It shocked me to watch her now, with a calm mind, not plagued by lust or wrath.

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