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MWTease15Long time no see. I hope you have you been well and inspired. Last time I took part in MidWeek Tease I was working on my Strangers In The Night project. I put it on hold because of Unorthodox Union, the final and most important book in my first BDSM trilogy, required my attention. It will be the end of a long journey that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

My characters Lina and Thomas are enjoying a rare moment of peace in their turbulent relationship… and yet something doesn’t let her rest. What could that be?

Unorthodox Union is the final installment of the Unorthodox Trilogy and should come out in the Fall of 2018. Book 1 – Unorthodox Therapy and 2 – Unorthodox Chemistry are available on Amazon.


(Don’t judge the book by its cover, this one is temporary.)

Something has been on my mind for the past few weeks and I couldn’t reconcile with it. It’s been a rough journey ever since we found each other again. The last few months were pure bliss and I often wondered if I wasn’t too happy. There was one last step we had to take but Thomas still had excuses and would always go for the sideways.

He had his reasons and maybe I should have been pleased with the way things were. Yet, restlessness wouldn’t let go of my throat and kept wiping the sleep from my exhausted eyelids.

After an hour of lying still and staring at the moon pattern down our legs I made up my mind. What I was about to do was a classic case of topping from the bottom but my Dom needed that sometimes. Ever since our reunion I had been a very good girl and he rewarded me for my enthusiastic submission and obedience.

That was sweet but it was getting a little too dull for my taste.

It was time to earn myself a proper punishment.

I nearly giggled at the thought of what he might do once he found out what I was up to and finally drifted into a peaceful slumber.

The moon in the skyline was fading even while I was falling asleep. In the morning when I opened my eyes strings of golden sunshine had replaced its pale blue beams. I yawned and blinked a few times until my yes adjusted to the morning light. Thomas was still sleeping heavily, with his arms wrapped around me in a possessive lock. It was tempting to let go of my morning plans and to keep lying in his embrace until the sun was high in the sky. Fog was still clouding my brain and I wondered what had I been thinking the night before.

It could wait.


… or next Saturday, perhaps.

Maybe if I waited until the fall Thomas would come to his senses and I wouldn’t have to push him… or we could wait until Christmas… or next spring when it would be a better time for cleaning.

… or you know, never? Why ruin a beautiful morning with a descent into darkness? Why mess with our current state of bliss? Haven’t we been through enough drama over the past two years?

I cast these fearful thoughts away and slid from beneath Thomas’ arms. Even if I moved as carefully as possible he stirred in his sleep and murmured my name.

“Shh…” I kissed his lips briefly, stroked his face and used my best lulling voice. “It’s early. Go back to sleep.”

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