#MidWeekTease – Two For The Price Of One – Autumn Seduction + Winter Chill


Hey there Wednesday teasers.

One nasty virus curbed my writing enthusiasm so I’m working at a much slower pace. 

Still, I thought of updating you on my two ongoing projects with these two teasers below. One is hotter than the other but the second is more of a slow burn.

I hope you’ll enjoy.




He chuckled and tilted his head to the side. His eyes were studying her with a strange mixture of curiosity and arrogant possession.

“That’s so kind of you to say, ma’am, but you wouldn’t be in any danger of snapping your lovely neck if I hadn’t startled you.” The stranger responded and curled his long fingers in a come hither gesture. His scent was red wine and his voice was as deep as dark chocolate.

Beautiful… and dangerous. It was so easy to read the subtle menace in his polite voice. A smile that never reached his ice, a calculating look on his face… and that aura of a predator masked beneath a delicious fragrance.

There was no way this was an ordinary man.

A sense of unease was lurking inside her chest but it was like a weak, little flame next to the forest fire of physical desire.

The desire for submission.

Laurel was loyal to her wolf and for all those years Corwin was by her side she never felt such an intense temptation. Seduction was her weapon, she used and perfected it but she didn’t let the flame touch her… except when her lover and she reached the peak of pleasure together.

That man woke up other cravings inside her, a desire she thought she had buried. Laurel wanted him to push her down on her knees, raise her skirt and run a smooth palm down her exposed ass. The leather of his gloves would slide down her buttocks, warming them up, running along the strip of wetness at the front part of her panties.

The first stinging slap of leather-clad palm would sting and bring tears to her eyes… and she knew she’d beg for more. Here she was now, melting under the cold gaze of a stranger, barely restraining herself from dropping down on her knees.

Would he be rough or seductive in his domination? She imagined his full lips on her neck, that he’d sink his teeth in her neck until drops of scarlet blood fell down her neck. Laurel squeezed her thighs as she pictured him licking the blood. He’d be right behind her, pressing his body against her spanked ass and would reach out to rip her dress.

“Perhaps you’d like to sit down if you don’t feel, miss?” His mocking voice once again snapped her out of her shameful fantasies. “You look really red in the face. Not that I complain. A lady could always use some natural blush on her cheeks.”

Oh, he was arrogant but there was no doubt he could read her and feel her arousal. Protesting and acting like an offended maiden would just make his smugness grow. Instead, Laurel smirked at him, turned around with a sensual lilt of her hips and strolled to the cash register. The lust weakened its grasp around her throat now she had no direct contact with him.

Still, Laurel knew his eyes followed her every move. His emotions were vague and covered with layers of ice and seduction. There was no doubt he was curious and just as intrigued.

“You might be right about that, sir. About blushing.” When she got behind her desk, at a safe distance Laurel turned to him with a flip of her long, wavy hair. He still stood at the same place, amused and patiently waiting for her to make the next move. “Very few things impress me enough to tint my cheeks in red.”




Maybe today would be better. Perhaps I would get some bigger tip by a generous customer or when I went back home the heating would be working again. If that happened I promised to myself to never ever complain of the cockroaches, of the stains on the wall or the dingy, fragile furniture.

I’d be even happy to live in that hell hole of an apartment, as long as I didn’t freeze to death.

My coffee mug was waiting for me at it usual place on the dish rack. I wrapped my hands around it and took a moment to admire how pretty it was. White and smooth on the outside, with a black handle, no jagged edges or coffee stains, and two pink cupcakes with cherries on top. I always made sure it was spotless when I was cleaning the few dishes I had. As silly and pathetic as it could sound that was the prettiest thing in my entire apartment. I bought it with my first pay check, a mere one-dollar mug from the dollar store. Still, I loved looking at it while sipping my coffee before the break of dawn. Those pastel, optimistic colors tickled my positive side and made me feel safe.

It was one of the little things that helped me to stay sane. A good cup of coffee on a cold, miserable day could be a life savior. Once I poured the black, steaming hot liquid and tasted the first sip I nearly groaned with pleasure. The mug of caffeine goodness was a heaven for my frozen fingers. I took a few sips from it and leaned in closer to the window above my kitchen counter. The room was still freezing cold, there was no way to ignore it because I had a warm drink. Still, the grim filter of despair was shifting and I noticed little details of beauty. After a few blinks and rub of my still sleepy eyes I noticed the beautiful window frost under the yellow bulb light.

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