#MidWeekTease – The Walk Of Shame Strangers In The Night

MWTease15Hello, my lovelies, I hope you had a great weekend. My muse took it off but now I have her restrained and she’s back on track. I’m progressing slower than expected with Strangers In The Night but I’ll get there, probably by the last third of May. Meanwhile, here’s one teaser of the last chapter of The Star. In this little snippet, my heroine gets pushed even further out of her comfort zone… or maybe not. Read and you’ll find out.

The Star is Vol. II of the Strangers In The Night Series. The covers might change by the time I publish the books.


Good girl. That’s it, just relax and let me take over. Did you have a good time, V?”

I… I think there’s no word to describe what I’m feeling right now. It’s like I’m in a hyper sexual dream and I’d wake up anytime soon.” I uttered and licked my lips while he was tightening the knot of his tie around my wrists. He stroked my hair with more of that deceptive tenderness before he pulled it so hard I groaned with the way it stung me. My Owner used the long, sweaty strands as reigns to lift me up and display me in an obscene arch. It made my roughened, bruised breasts thrust forward. His fingers continued their tantalizing dance down my spine as he was fixing my position.

Open wider.” He tapped the inside of my thighs and I obeyed even if my knees were shaking so bad it was a miracle how I was still standing up. “Have no doubt, pet, all of that really happened. You are not dreaming and I plan to make you aware of that. If you think I will allow you to hide back in your shell and convince yourself you just had a moment of insanity, you have a very wrong idea.”

I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I blinked in confusion. Maybe all the cum was getting to my brain but I felt lighter and more carefree as I was getting used to the butt plug that stretched me and kept me wide open for his use. The tight knot that restrained me and forced me to stay upright felt like a natural part of my body.

Do not worry, little one.” He leaned forward and kissed my lips lightly, still stroking my shoulders and all the way down my spine. “You will find out soon enough. Now walk. You will walk out of the theater like that, in full display, with the cum dripping down your body.”

Are you… serious?” I gasped in shock, too stupefied to make a real protest or get scared about that further debasement. That was an absolute insanity but deep down my insatiable cunt clenched with excitement.

Do you doubt me, little one? You think I would not dare to flaunt your delicious body for all the perverts in that building? If someone is interested I might even let them fuck you right there at the entrance or on the street.His low chuckle brought more tingles, this time at my sensitive earlobe. “Just remember I will punish you every time we are delayed.”

That is not entirely fair…” I moaned as he kissed my neck. “You’re just looking for excuses to punish me.”

Oh, trust me, I do not need any excuses… and I know how much you crave punishments. Now let’s go. Walk with your head held high. You will get five canes strikes every time you attempt to hide your face in your hair. Walk like one proud whore, do you understand?”

My Owner didn’t wait for reply. He simply grabbed my hair harder and pushed me gently to the path between the rows.

Wait.” I called out, turned to him and wiggled in my restraints. He stopped and raised an eyebrow but didn’t say a word and left me speak. I sank teeth in the soft, bruised flesh of my bottom lip before I uttered in an innocent voice. “We forgot my dress, I’d really like to keep it.”

Don’t worry about that.” My Owner waved his hand dismissively. I wondered with amusement what would happen to the poor dress if we left it behind. It was probably stained with cum and my own fluids. “I can buy you the same dress and have it delivered.”

Yes but… I’d like to keep it. Please?” I whispered and leaned forward to make my breasts sway.

Interesting.He uttered and looked at me with more of that amused curiosity that always lit up his gaze. “You are more worried about your dress than that I will parade you naked and soaked in three men’s cum? That anyone and everyone will see you like the porn star that you are?

Um…I was surprised that I didn’t feel the rush of embarrassment creep up my entire body, that I didn’t blush like an innocent maiden. “I really like that dress.”


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