#MidWeekTease – You Will Only Benefit

MWTease15Hello and welcome to another fabulous Wednesday with #MidWeekTease. Special thanks to the lovely Angelica Dawson for organizing that prompt. I continue with the work on my little NaNo project named Strangers In The Night. I won’t be able to finish it by the end of April but it will be done over the next couple of weeks. The first novella, The Challenge, is already finished. The teaser I’m giving to your attention today is from Book 2, The Star, in which my heroine asks her stranger to take her to a notorious filthy adult theater. Once they arrive they instantly attract the attention of three men. I’m pretty proud with how that scene turned out and I hope you’ll appreciate it too.


“No.” My Owner’s voice was calm as he got up from his seat and stood behind me. “No touching… yet.” I trembled when he took my wrists and pulled them away from my body. He straightened my back and ordered me quietly to keep the position. Before I could even think of protesting his fingers were already caressing my nipple as the men stared at him with anger.

What kind of game was he playing?

“What do you mean, no touching?” The blond stepped closer and glared at him with hostility. “Listen what, man, you can’t just bring a gorgeous fuck toy like that in a fucking porn theater, flaunt her juicy tits and ass and expect not to share.”

The boy with the glasses squirmed in discomfort and shoved his hands down the pockets of his jeans. The black haired man growled with his low, threatening voice.

“We have rules in here. We can always take her whether you like it or not.”

A chill of fear rushed through me and once again I thanked my logical side for preventing me from coming here by myself before. My Owner must have felt my tension because he whispered in my ear in a calming voice.

“Relax, V, I know what I am doing. You are under my protection.”

Then he turned to them, smiling, polite and unabashed by their obvious threats and ferocious glares.

“I never said I planned to keep her to myself. You’re more than welcome to join us… but I expect you to do it at my pace.”

“Why the hell should we do that?” The blond man narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists harder. “I don’t follow orders by some asshole in a suit who thinks he’s better than us.”

I shivered even harder and tried not to show how much they intimidated me. My Owner ran his fingers across my folds, teased them playfully and kept talking to the men in the same friendly way, with a warm, honey-like voice.

So seductive.

“Because you will only benefit from it. She agreed to be my whore tonight and she’ll do whatever I tell her with the four of us without complaining. However…” He grabbed me by the hair, arched my neck and fondled my breasts in full view of the horny men. “… she is also a lady, a lady in need to be taken care of very well. I put her pleasure in the first place.”

“Oh, we’ll pleasure her, all right.” They grinned with evil eyes while watching me. Their hard, horny eyes devoured me with an untamed lust, so different from my Owner’s calm domination. “We’ll fill all her whore holes with cum.”

“She’s been neglected for too long so I want her to cum at least a few times from foreplay.”

“Foreplay?” They spat the word out with such disgust and stared at him in confusion.

“Yes… I’ll eat her out until she screams while you play with her tits. You liked them quite well, didn’t you? Why not pay them more attention before you fuck her brains off? After she has had her pleasure she’ll be a slave of your cocks.”

“We’re gonna fuck her anyway…” The black haired guy said but he sounded a lot more insecure now.

“True. But trust me. A pleasured slave is even more ravenous and willing to serve than a forced one. She will go full nymphomaniac on you if you make her cum first and do not stop until she is soaked.” My Owner pushed his thumb deep inside me and touched my magic spot before the blond man had the chance to protest. He moved your thumb in a circle against it. I screamed out and squeezed my folds around it. “I already fucked her twice tonight and she still wants more. Some women get tired after they had gotten themselves off. This one’s just getting started. So… do you accept to help me satisfy her my way?”

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