Review of A Maid's Tale: Trying To Keep My Green Card by Lexie Syrah


Author: Lexie Syrah

Genre: BDSM Erotica, Cuckquean

My rating: 5 out of 5

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Blurb: What will an innocent 19 year old Guatemalan maid do when she’s caught stealing and threatened with deportation? Absolutely anything that the Master of the house and his wife desire! Spankings and humiliation will abound as this young woman is tormented, but she has a secret: she desperately craves their commands. As the teasing and punishments push her to the limit of her willpower, she asks for the one thing that she’s never asked anyone before: for the Master to be her first.

Once they enter the Master’s deviant playground of a bedroom, our beautiful little foreigner learns their darkest secret as the Mistress kneels before her husband. He commands her with more cruelty than he has ever shown the maid, and the roles are reversed as this little cuckcake is shown her new position: as a reminder of the type of woman that the Master could have.

Review: Blackmail is not my preferred kind of story. Not because it is supposedly awful thing to do another human being. It is all a fantasy and we all have that dark side within us that would make us take advantage of the power we can hold over another person. No, my main problem with blackmail is that it is… too easy and it lacks the dance of seduction.

However there are those stories that succeed to include both the power play, the dominance, the blackmail and seduction in one delicious blend. Usually in those stories blackmail is merely an excuse, mean to an end. Lexie Syrah’s short tale of corruption, debauchery and sexual deviancy is that type of tale.

If you are looking for an intricate plot and well developed characters you’d probably be disappointed. If you accept that small gem of erotica for what it is – a delicious bite and exploration of our hidden, dark desires and roles reversal – and simply enjoy it then you’re in for a treat.

I also dislike virginal heroines since most of the time they are whiny, annoying, weepy and in general classic damsels in distress. But Alessandra, the maid in question here who is about to get her life turned upside down, is adorable in her innocence. Her employees – sophisticated elderly couple for all the world to see and with dynamic Dom/sub relationship in the bedroom – were very inventive in their ways of torturing that sensual virgin and making her squirm. What started as a punishment for her thief turns into the most erotic experience of her life. The situation turned out for the best for them and in the end of the story I was eager for more.

The sex scenes were amazing, well written and hot to read. Lexie Syrah knows the psychology of power play and is just as skillful at teasing her readers as Mr. Elliot and his wife at seducing their maid. I could identify with every emotion and new experience. The story of the naughty maid left me with a smile on my face.

I look forward to read more of Ms. Syrah’s work.

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