Review: The Lion of Frenchman Street


Author: Teresa Noelle Roberts

Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance

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My rating: 5 out of 5

Blurb: On Kelsey’s first night tending bar at a New Orleans jazz club, she catches the eye of handsome saxophonist—and Dominant—Peter Lyons. He sweeps her into his world of music and kinky sex, introducing her to fierce pleasures she’s always dreamed of. As they explore the crazy, romantic city she comes to love as much as he does, she’s falling hard for Peter, too. Even though he claims “true love” is for songs, not real life, it’s hard to resist his rope skills and his vintage movie star looks, his passion for life and the hints of pain in his blue eyes.

But Kelsey’s only tending bar as a stopgap. When she’s offered a dream job out of town, Peter’s old scars break open and everything goes out of tune. Can music, passion, and the magic of New Orleans get them back in harmony?

This novella originally appeared in the boxed set NOLA NAUGHTY NIN9. This version contains new material.

Review: The Lion of Frenchman Street is the first book by Teresa Noelle Roberts I have had the pleasure to read. All I can say is, I was hooked on her writing style, alluring characters and the atmosphere in the novella from the very first few sentences. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it, in a few short hours. The story left me with a pleasant feeling so I look forward to reading more of Ms. Roberts’ work. It was a sensual feast laced with jazz, spice, kink, intricate rope work and a love better than any exaggerated songs.

The plot is simple enough. The saxophonist Peter sweeps the bartender Kelsey off her feet, into the world she always dreamed about. She wasn’t a complete kink virgin but she also never got deep into subspace. Not before the Lion showed her how liberating it is to be all tied up, how arousing it is to blur the lines of pleasure and pain and give in your body and trust. Their relationship started on a hot night and got even steamier with each next erotic encounter. The city they both were in love with played more than just the role of a background in Kelsey and Peter’s blossoming love story. Its magic, tragic past, its romantic pull was part of the glue that kept the unexpected couple “all tied upin each other.

The writing was flowing just like a smooth jazz melody. It was so easy to get in the mindset of both Peter and Kelsey, to feel their power exchange, to practically hear him playing for her and sense his hands leaving red marks on her body. The way the author describes her leading male and his way with rope was nothing short of poetic. I couldn’t help but imagine it as a dance and artistic performance, with slowly building eroticism. When it got to its climactic point it truly felt like fireworks.

I loved the characters. It always pleases me to read about a strong yet submissive heroine and Kelsey didn’t disappoint. She was a truly brave woman who didn’t give up in spite all the difficulties she was facing, the student loans, the difficulties in life. I found it worthy of admiration she moved to New Orleans because she fell in love with the city but didn’t immediately go back to her old life when things got tough. It was a relief that she was aware of her kinky and submissive tendencies. She just hadn’t found the right Dom to help her fully explore her desires with. That made her even more relatable. Besides, I love a tattooed heroine. Kelsey’s problems were also easy to get into, especially if you are a young person torn between what your heart wants and the decision that makes sense.

Peter was an absolute wet dream, with just the right amount of personal angst and drama of previous relationships. He was artistic, in control of his music and rope work, calm and some of the things he did to Kelsey made me fan myself and wish I could switch with her for a scene or two. He captivates the scene from the moment the author introduces him. Usually, characters who are “so scarred by some old lover they can never love again” irritate the hell out of me. In this case, I could easily understand his reluctance to love and personal fears. By the end of the book, I even agreed with his philosophy on relationships, romance and how they compare to the way romance is put in songs and popular culture.

I won’t give away the ending and will just hint that it turned out as the best situation for both characters.

So, if you are looking for a short read with a well-developed story, interesting characters with their flaws and insecurities, out of this world erotic scenes, delicious kink and fascinating atmosphere I’d strongly recommend you the Lion of Frenchman Street.

In addition, Ms. Roberts really made me want to visit New Orleans, with or without the uber sexy Dominant jazz musicians.


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