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Morning spankos, it’s been a while since I’ve been around, these were busy several months. I’m in a process of publishing my second novel and Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy so I thought of posting two quick spanking scenes from both books.

Unorthodox trilogy 1 -UnorthodoxTherapy


“It’s my job to decide how much my sub can handle, pet. You’re awfully close to what you crave so focus on the candles. I know what you’re capable of, Lina. Keep your ass up. Higher. Yes, just like that.”

My ass and pussy were perfectly exposed in the position he placed me in. I should have expected the first blow from the moment Thomas placed the candles on top of my hands. When the flogger fronds bit my pussy, I nearly knocked them over. It was nothing short of a miracle that they kept their upright position. Thomas landed the second strike straight on my clit. I hollowed with the despair of a lonely she-wolf when the pain shot through me, mingling with the earlier pleasure of the wax. It was not as harsh as the cruel caning but a lot stronger than spanking.

He twirled the flogger in the air, leaving a series of bruises over my thighs. He concentrated entirely on my clit, making it pulse harder with every blow. My focus on the candles and the intense vibes on my skin sent me out of this world to an alternative universe where every sound, touch and feeling hit me as hard as if I were an exposed nerve. I was crying out loud and my pussy left its own slick tears across the flogger.

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Lina nodded. More tears fell down her cheeks. Once I secured the strap I wiped them in a short moment of tenderness. Her fucking panties were still on so I pulled them down with one sharp move and bared her ass. I picked up the paddle and slammed it down with a resounding thud. She cried under the gag that muffled any sound. Her muscles tensed in anticipation.

You know better than that, Lina.” I scolded her and cracked the paddle on her ass once more, admiring the beautiful pattern of bruises. Her breath hitched and she shifted her body. I peppered her ass with more frequent smacks and gradually increased my speed. Lina held her thighs together and it was difficult to see if she was wet. My nostrils were tickling with her familiar spicy flavor. Saliva was gathering in my mouth at the thought I’d taste her after months of self-imposed restraint.

Nuances of red streaked her marble-white skin. They were getting darker, in a sexy contrast. Poor Lina. She’d have a hard time sitting the next few days. Each time she undressed she’d remember our possibly last night together. My signature would stay on her skin long after the physical wounds healed.

Hopefully. I kept hitting her with the zeal of an artist who slipped into madness and soaked his canvas with red paint.

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I hope you enjoyed these little peaks into my upcoming trilogy. Now, go back to Spanking Land, a.k.a. the Saturday Spanking blog and check out the other weekend snippets by other cool authors.


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