Teasing Bites: A Challenge for the Newbie Submissive – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited. 

Warning: F/f, Domme/sub, BDSM.

“Do you have any friends here in the city? Someone you can rely on if you fall on hard times or need help?”
Seriously, what was the deal with that woman? The thought of lipstick and wearing high heels became appealing out of the blue. Why did she have to dig so deep in my pathetic social life?
Nancy and Lily were the closest thing I had to actual friends but we still hardly knew each other.
“I… I haven’t had much of a chance to befriend anyone since I moved in…”
“I understand.” Olivia said and I could hear a hint of sadness in her voice. Just when I thought she might let me off the hook she dropped the next bomb. “Today I want you to change that. Try to strike a conversation. You don’t have to become best friends today but you need to start somewhere. That’s an order.”
“But…” I squeaked in a state of total panic. No, no, no, she couldn’t do it to me.
“I have to go, gorgeous. Have a safe trip.” She lowered her voice and damn if that didn’t work on me. “Kitten, if most people were able to see further than the tip of their noses you’d be a very sought after woman. Men and women would kill for the chance to collar you. Make sure you do as you’re told… or you won’t like your punishment.”
The line went dead and I remained in my bed for five minutes, in the sheets, still wet with my morning orgasm.
I wished I’d call her and beg her to make me wear the most uncomfortable stilettos if that meant I didn’t have to try and talk to people.


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