#MidWeekTease – You changed your limits? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey teasers lovers! How is your week going so far? I’m progressing as fast as I can with the manuscript of Unorthodox Union, I’m currently close to the first 35k. Hopefully, this time next week I will have doubled the word count – after all, that baby should be published in the fall. I gave you something more intense last week so today I will … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – You changed your limits? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

#MidWeekTease – Kiss me before I do that – Unorthodox Union

Hey guys, how is it going? I had a rather busy creative week, with a lot of caffeine nights and intense writing sprints. I’m currently past the 15k of Unorthodox Union but I have to pick up the pace over the next few weeks. I’m a classic case of overwriter and all my work is usually so long so… the first draft takes its time. … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – Kiss me before I do that – Unorthodox Union

#MidWeekTease – Something On Her Mind – Unorthodox Union

Long time no see. I hope you have you been well and inspired. Last time I took part in MidWeek Tease I was working on my Strangers In The Night project. I put it on hold because of Unorthodox Union, the final and most important book in my first BDSM trilogy, required my attention. It will be the end of a long journey that I’ll … Continue reading #MidWeekTease – Something On Her Mind – Unorthodox Union

Daily Prompt: Gloves

Rules: Feel free to join my daily prompt challenges by writing a story of 500 words or less centered around the prompt word. If you write it on your own blog, please, link back to mine. My main playground is erotica and romance but you can write your story in any genre. Prompt word: #Gloves Photo source: Pinterest Trigger warnings: Consensual sadomasochism “Wear your pearls and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gloves

Valentine’s Week: A Valentine’s Bind by Scarlett Flame

 Today I bring to your attention another special offer by the lovely Scarlett Flame. Only for the rest of the week you can get her book A Valentine’s Bind of The Manchester’s Dominants and Submissives will be 99 cents.  A Valentine’s Bind Here is my latest offering ready for a hot Valentine’s read     The Blurb   When University student Nicky Johnson decides to … Continue reading Valentine’s Week: A Valentine’s Bind by Scarlett Flame

Be My Guest On Tuesday: For Sparrow by Pandora Spocks (The Dream Dominant Collection Book 3)

I rarely do these Be My Guest On Tuesday features nowadays but since one of my favorite romance authors has a brand new release today, I couldn’t ignore it. The lovely Pandora Spocks adds another book to her Dream Dominant collection, novels of strong men and sassy ginger women delving into the world of D/s relationships. Her writing gets hotter with each next title so … Continue reading Be My Guest On Tuesday: For Sparrow by Pandora Spocks (The Dream Dominant Collection Book 3)

Unorthodox Therapy Live on Amazon


After many months of preparation, writing, editing, promotion and one kick-ass Facebook party Unorthodox Therapy is live on Amazon and available for purchase. If you are a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited you can also read it for FREE there. When I started writing that book I never expected it to turn into a trilogy but characters have their way of surprising us.

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Unorthodox Therapy: Excerpt and Promotion Art

In case you follow my blog you know that I am currently working on my debut full-length novel Unorthodox Therapy – a dark cocktail of lust, the power of addiction, wrath, domination, submission and the unlikely love story between an older powerful woman and her employee. The first draft is nearly finished, I have several more chapters to go. But the more time I spend in the mind of my two characters the more it seems that their kinky tale is far from done so… perhaps there is a trilogy in my future. Meanwhile you can wet your appetite with one of the steamier excerpts of the manuscript and some promotion art. Enjoy it… and try to keep your hands on the desk while reading.


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