An Exclusive Excerpt of Strangers In The Night: The Star



One heated encounter in the back street wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust. He never suspected that by indulging her he’d wake up a sexual beast, a woman on the prowl for more pleasure and pain. Not being the type of man who’d get scared by depravity and filth, The Stranger collared and claimed her as his property for the rest of the night. The insatiable nymph he called V was more than pleased to submit to his authority and be his plaything until dawn. He was graceful enough to let his pet choose the next stop of their lust filled journey.
How brave would V be when she and her Stranger find themselves in the back row of a seedy adult theater? Can she handle herself when they are surrounded by a group of horny men more than willing to put her through her paces? Will the Stranger have the power to control them and orchestrate her submission, down on her knees, soaked with cum and at the center of attention?
See how that once shy and serious woman turns into The Star of her own erotic dreams. How much further will V go in her self-search and need to please The Stranger?


I read a dark excitement in your eyes but you remain still, your hands casually resting on your hips. A sigh escapes my chest and I say sadly before I turn to leave.

“I guess I fooled myself. I’m sure you’ll find many girls who…”

You never give me the chance to finish those words. How can I expect that someone with your nearly lazy grace will pin me down so fast? I gasp as you grab my wrists in an iron grip, turn me around and push me against the wall, with my cheek pressed to the bricks. Your breath caresses my neck and hair while you lean forward to suck my earlobe and grind your still hard cock against my ass, over the dress.

“Perfect answer, little one, perfect answer. I have no interest in fooling naive girls or waste my time seducing them.” I cry out and writhe when you sink your teeth into my skin; not expecting to receive such a savage bite, as if I’m a she-wolf that you mark as your own. Your crotch presses against my tender flesh and I groan, wishing you would fuck me again. That we’ll be heard, that someone will come and see me in that disgraceful position.

The dizziness and lust take over as the voice of logic retires in the recesses of my mind.

When you finally let go of my flesh, after leaving a pulsing, painful mark on my neck I gasp and thrust my waist back, in an invitation.

You keep whispering and this time, you hold my wrists with two hands.

“It’s a relief to have a play partner I don’t have to lie to. I’ve seduced girls with easy tricks but they’re no challenge. All of them were so sensitive that even the light spanking made them scream. I always had to stop, hold back, restrain myself around them.” You lick my neck and I cry out in despair. “But you, little one, you are a tough and clever girl. I have absolutely no intention of holding back with you tonight.”

“Then don’t! I’m not made of glass. Fuck me again, now!” I hiss and keep moving the back of my ass to rub against you, to tempt you.

You chuckle and order me with a much firmer voice when you let go of my wrists.

“Keep them up and don’t you dare move an inch.” With these words he raised my dress and ran his fingers down the tender skin of my ass and over the folds of my pussy, still full of his own seed. “You got the situation just right, little one. You won’t be my date tonight, you’ll be my private whore, my slutty pet and you’ll do whatever I order you. If there is something you’d hate I suggest that you tell me now because after that I won’t stop.”

You pinch my clit between your forefinger and thumb and stroke it until I am moaning even louder than before. Whoever is passing by that dark sideway street is sure to hear my calling of a horny cat.

“It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it? When was the last time you’ve been fucked before tonight, slut?”

“I…” A sudden shyness and vulnerability take possession of my brain. A strange sensation, given that you are stroking my pussy lips and driving me wild with his fingers on my clit. If someone else joined us they’d see my bare ass and how I was leaning against the wall with gathered wrists, groaning, needy and pathetic. So what place did I have for shame in my mind? “It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Then we’d better start with the embarrassment here.” I winced when he collected some of his sperm and stroked the thumb of his available hand against my asshole. “I plan on stripping you naked in every sense of the word.” He removed my hair to kiss me on the shoulder and press me harder against the wall. “I may not have a leash for you now but you’ll be my pet and I’ll be your Master. I can tell you that by the end of the night you won’t need clothes. You’ll service me and those close to me. You will present your holes for fucking to both men and women without even flinching. You’ll be inspected, whipped, probed and kept wet at all times.”

You bite my earlobe this time, in a more playful way while your fingers probe my cunt.

“You’ll be obliged to drink all the cum that you coax and you will always look up when those above you paint your pretty face.” He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. “You’ll be a very good girl, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will be…” I groaned and tightened my walls around your hand, writhing and coating you with our mixed fluids. “Please…”

“Until the rest of the night you will call me Owner and you will feel what it’s like to be owned, little one.” He stroke my hair. “Forget who you have been until tonight. Your job, friends, your old lovers. You are a new woman tonight. Forget even your name. Tonight…” He inserted two more fingers inside me and bit my shoulder. “I will call you nothing but V. That is your new identity and the name on your collar.”

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