Preorder Blitz Unorthodox Chemistry Feb 11-18

Title: Unorthodox Chemistry Series: The Unorthodox Trilogy, Book #2 Author: Lilah E. Noir Release Date: February 18th, 2018 He was her Master, lover and the only man who truly knew her. She was his pet, best friend and the love of his life. Sometimes that’s not enough. LINA He’s gone. His absence hurts more thanContinue reading “Preorder Blitz Unorthodox Chemistry Feb 11-18”

Happy New Year! Lilah’s Writing and Publishing Goals, edition 2018

Hello, my lovelies, Happy 2018 to all of you strangers and friends who decide to pass by my blog. It’s been four days since the beginning of 2018 but I still hope you have your celebratory buzz and sparkle. Everyone else has set their resolutions and are on their way to break them… or whoContinue reading “Happy New Year! Lilah’s Writing and Publishing Goals, edition 2018”

Amazon Gift Cards + Gift E-Books Anniversary Contest

It’s been two magical years since I decided to publish my first book. I’m not much of a party girl but I love celebrating the important dates of my life. I’m in a generous mood and this year I’m throwing a small contest for my readers, with some special prizes. 1st place – A $25Continue reading “Amazon Gift Cards + Gift E-Books Anniversary Contest”

#SatSpanks No More Quiet Moans #BDSM #Unorthodox Therapy

We all need some spanking and a bit of orgasms in our lives. Blurb: I’ve no intention of explaining my every command to you, pet. As a matter of fact, quit asking questions and do as you’re told. Take your clothes off. Now. Lina Riley has proved herself as the tough as nails CEO ofContinue reading “#SatSpanks No More Quiet Moans #BDSM #Unorthodox Therapy”

Author Spotlight: Ian D. Smith

He’s a professional scientist by day and an author of erotic romance in his free times. His stories involve beautiful characters who enjoy steamy sex scenes and also happen to have hang-ups, anxieties, and problems. Most of all, he aspires to write entertaining and engaging stories as part of his creative hobbies. Meet Ian D. SmithContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Ian D. Smith”

#MasturbationMonday – Out Of This World BDSM

Happy Monday again, fellow pervs! The last two weeks drained me but I’m back on track. What better way to get some energy back in my system than some self-care and a bit of BDSM. Here is a little something from The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo where a certain tattoo artist has to show allContinue reading “#MasturbationMonday – Out Of This World BDSM”

Valentine’s Day Sale: F**k The Roses, Send Me The Thorns

Don’t let Valentine’s Day scare or depress you. Celebrate it by loving yourself, if you will, and indulge in a favorite pleasure of yours. Pour yourself a glass of whiskey, take an unexpected trip, get yourself a sex toy or a piece of lingerie you’ve wanted for ages. Make it special, with or without aContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Sale: F**k The Roses, Send Me The Thorns”

#MasturbationMonday -What Are You Going To Do With Me, Ma'am? #BDSM Stroker Ace

Morning and moaning to all of you, naughty lovers who need the extra spice to start your week. I have a bit of a sale these days so I thought you might appreciate a little something from one of my discounted titles, if you love some good old fashioned threesomes. Kitty grinned at him and helped AnnabelleContinue reading “#MasturbationMonday -What Are You Going To Do With Me, Ma'am? #BDSM Stroker Ace”

Review: Sexpossessed by Ian Saul Whitcomb

Author: Ian Saul Whitcomb Genre: Supernatural, Interracial Purchase link: My rating: 5 out of 5 Blurb: It’s not really Tim’s fault when he lets his girlfriend get possessed by a lustful ghost. And it’s even less his fault when it turns out the only way to get rid of the horny haunting is throughContinue reading “Review: Sexpossessed by Ian Saul Whitcomb”