Announcement: Storming Jericho by Shelby Kent-Stewart Live on Amazon

There has been some delay with the news section of my website due to such events as NaNoWriMo, general writing and other life interferences. Some wonderful books and short stories came out over the past few weeks. They sure need their spotlight and an avid reader can always use an extra title in their expanding library.

Today I present to your attention the latest novella by Ms. Shelby Kent-Stewart, an author of erotic romance books with characters you’re not ashamed to like and care for. You can order it right now on Amazon. If you enjoy your stories to be of novel length visit her author page and choose some other piece of great writing.


Blurb: For eight long years, Jericho Kelly has awaited justice in the death of her older brother, only to discover his murder has been relegated to the cold case files. Killed in the line of duty, he was a good cop who deserved better, and come hell or high water, she won’t rest until he gets it.

Only three obstacles stand in her way: a ruthless mob boss determined to shut her down, an undercover operation that could blow up in her face, and Rourke Simmons, the bane of her existence. Six feet plus of swagger and sin, Simmons is the only man who ever rejected her—the only man she ever loved.

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