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Some time ago I had announced my intention to publish a novella entitled Unorthodox Therapy. Well, I had my best intentions, it would have been a short and sweet one, with one main long sex scene and some character development. I had written the layout and the first 5 pages. But my characters got mad at me and refused to co-operate. They insisted for a better story, better build up of their intense chemistry and complicated relationship. So, what should a writer do? I changed my plans and Unorthodox Therapy would be a novel. I am currently at the first quarter and succeeded in setting up a good working schedule, most of all thanks to National Novel Writing Month. And if I stay in such a shape I’d be finished with the rough draft by the end of the year. I want to use the moment to find good souls who love erotica with a pinch of romance and don’t shy away from intense scenes. Once the novel is written it would definitely need to be whipped into good shape and perfected.

So hereby I present you with its current blurb and temporary cover. If you have any interests leave a comment or write to me at lilahenoir@gmail.com.


Blurb: Lina Riley is a lady of many strengths and one weakness. An inspiring leader of her software development company and a skillful business negotiator she pays the price of her success with long working hours and heavy smoking habit. This is the one battle that powerful woman can’t seem to win, with herself.

To the world Thomas Jett seems like the poster boy of the nice, respectable guys. He is a talented programmer and a well liked co-worker. Little does anyone know about his dark, lustful side and intense fantasies of domination. Lina has been his weakness and obsession ever since he first stepped into her office.

He also may be just the right one to help her become stronger. Thomas offers her a way to get over her addiction… but she’d have to fully submit to his authority and agree to be controlled, punished and disciplined, to be his plaything behind closed doors.

Could a woman like her truly surrender to her desires in the hands of a much younger man? Is she strong enough to give him her submission? And does Thomas have ulterior motives?

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