#MidWeekTease – The End Of A Marriage Strangers In The Night

MWTease15Hey teasers, how is life treating you? My muse came back and I keep on working on the NaNo project I started at the beginning of April. It really is getting bigger as I constantly get new ideas as I go along the stories and that leads to an increased word count. Oh, well, I guess I’ll do a lot of trimming while I’m editing.

I just finished The Star and today I’ll start working on The Pet. Today’s teaser is from the last chapter of The Star and it deals with a rather painful episode from Veronica’s backstory. If you’re triggered by emotional abuse and manipulation you’d better skip it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out as it explains a lot about her and I hope it ended up somehow poignant.

The Star is Vol. II of the Strangers In The Night Series. The covers might change by the time I publish the books.


When I creaked the door open Peter was there indeed… and he was arranging his clothes in an open suitcase. The sight of him carefully folding his shirts and dress pants disturbed me more than anything I endured that night.

W-what is going on?” I asked, so foolish, so naive, barely able to stand on my feet out of pain.

I’m going to a hotel for the time being.” He said matter-of-factly as if we had discussed that ages ago and I knew his plans. “You have until the rest of the month to move out until I set the divorce in motion.

Divorce? You-you’re leaving me?That was the final straw and I just collapsed on the floor, unable to catch my breath.

What does it look like to you, Veronica?” He hissed, pointed at the suitcase and gave me such a look as if I was something he stepped on.

Peter, that’s insanity.” I cried in a pitiful, small voice. A frozen hand was choking me by the throat and I swallowed hard. I gripped the leash that was still hanging from my neck. “Why? Because of tonight? I… I just wanted to bring some spice into our relationship, I never thought it’d… backfire. We never have to do it again.”

Peter kept that same look of resentment and shook his head.

Baby, I… I love you, please, don’t throw our marriage away because of one mistake. You’re the only one for me… For hell’s sake, we’ve been together for seven years. I’m sorry that…

He sighed and put another shirt in the suitcase before he slammed it closed. The sound of its zipper terrified me with its finality. No, no, that wasn’t happening, it was a nightmare.

It’s not that easy to fix, Veronica.” Peter leaned against the bed and stared at me with a mixture of disgust and regret. “I just… can’t get over it. I begged you to stop that slutty show but you were like a bitch in heat, you wouldn’t listen. Do you know why I chose to marry you?”

The way that horrific evening was going I knew it was something I wouldn’t want to hear. Peter seemed to feed on my debasement as he barely paused. He picked me up by the shoulder and dragged me before the full-sized mirror.

My shoulders were shaking as he kept with his tirade.

When I met you I thought you were so innocent and pure.His shoulders sagged and he looked down with a sad sigh. You were a radiant, beautiful girl, someone I could imagine building a life and a respectable relationship with. I should have known better than to let you fool me.

What?My body was shaking harder at each word of his. “How did I ever fool you? I was honest with you from the very start.”

Peter sighed again in defeat.

It’s not entirely your fault, I… I ignored so many red flags that showed the kind of woman you really were. I should have ditched you the moment you told me you weren’t a virgin.”

I got up, faster than I thought I could walk and slapped his face. Peter was even faster to grab me by the wrist.

How dare you! After all, I’ve done for you…

Oh, are you offended?” He turned me to face the mirror. “Then you shouldn’t have acted like a whore. Fuck it, Veronica, you are my wife… or at least you were. We had a relationship built on trust and respect. You were supposed to be the mother of my children.

Please, don’t…I sobbed. No matter how angry I was I didn’t want him to leave, I was dying on the inside.

How the hell can I let you have my children when I know how depraved you are?” He tugged my hair back and pulled the leash. “That you are nothing more than some desperate slut? How can I let you kiss my children with that mouth…”

He squeezed my lips and forced them open. The whole time he was eying me with disgust and made sure I didn’t miss it.

“… when you had sucked my cock with it, when you had cum all over your breath and face. You really thought I’d enjoy that pathetic display you put on for me?

Peter ripped my corset and tossed it on the floor. I was staring with a numb horror as my whole life was falling apart in the reflection.

How could I ever think you were a woman worthy of respect? I won’t be surprised if you lied to me about how many guys you slept with… was it just that one time, Veronica? Were you screwing around under my nose in college?”

Peter, why are you doing this?” I sobbed and closed my eyes as I tried to keep the tears. “Why are you so cruel, you knew how much I love you, I worshiped the ground you were walking on. I’d never cheat on you… Please, come back to your senses.”

He sighed with irritation as if he was trying to explain something to a painfully slow student. Peter remove his hand from my hair and walked back to his suitcase. I crumpled down on my feet again.

There’s nothing more to discuss, Veronica. I can’t keep being married to a woman like you.” A hesitation crept up in his voice while he was picking it up. “I… I really thought you were different. That I could trust you and cherish you. You turned out to be just another dirty whore… like all of them.”

Before he walked out the door Peter hammered another nail in my coffin. He crossed the distance between us and picked up my chin, forcing me to look in his eyes.

You’re damaged goods. No self-respecting man would ever want to date or marry a fallen trash like you. The things you enjoy…” He winced. “You might have a future with some asshole who’d use you for your holes while they’re still tight… but that’s what you’ll ever be. Just a submissive piece of meat. I regret the day I met you.”

His heavy footsteps as he retreated from me and went for the door, with suitcase in hand, would haunt my dreams, I was sure. He left me so numb I could no longer react. It was too much.

Goodbye, Veronica. My lawyers will get in touch with you.”

I spent the rest of the night curled on the floor, staring at an invisible spot on the wall, in the dark, naked and catatonic.

The hours of the loneliest night of my life were dragging… and I doubted that the dawn will ever surface for me.


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