Be My Guest On Tuesday: Touch The Wind with Erinn Ellender Quinn

tuesdayDid you enjoy the paranormal section of the Tuesday Spotlight? If you haven’t passed by the earlier slots pay a visit to Samantha Macleod and her novel The Trickster’s Lover or Tori Dean and The Forbidden Genie

If you want something different, a pirate story of forbidden desires, intrigue and adventure, you might be at the right place. It’s time for my last guest for the evening, Erinn Ellender Quinn, author of sultry historical romance. You may have read her erotica she writes under the pen name Nia Farrell. 


Christiana Delacorte’s father is languishing in prison. Accused of desertion and piracy, he’s being held without trial while the British and French fight over who will hang him. Determined to rescue him, Christiana approaches the one man she knows who might help: her father’s old friend Justin Vallé, the object of her adolescent fantasies, her first, most terrible unrequited love, when he was a prize for any woman and she sailed disguised as a boy. She can only pray that the French privateer doesn’t recognize her as the child who marked his face for life.

Mistaking her for a prostitute, Vallé fulfills her heart’s desire but shatters the mood by offering payment, forcing her to reveal her identity as well as her purpose. Vallé agrees to break her father out of prison, but his price is the gold she’s brought and her willing presence in his bed.

Justin has suffered a woman’s betrayal, and Christiana has lived most of her life in deceit. But there are forces at play beyond their reckoning, unseen enemies, and time is running out. The success of their mission—and any chance of a future—depends on whether they can learn to trust each other…before it’s too late….



“Parlez-vous français?”

The resonance of Vallé’s baritone voice was unbelievably enticing, unbearably seductive, a whisper of velvet on Christiana’s skin that made her pulse leap, her every instinct come fully alive. She felt Vallé’s beckoning eyes on her but dared not meet them, lest he see the power he wielded over her with mere words.

“Oui, capitaine,” she murmured. “Je parle un peu français.” Actually, she spoke more than a little French, plus English, Gaelic, and a smattering of Dutch, Spanish, and German, but she hesitated to reveal too much of herself, not when so much depended on the outcome of this meeting.

Vallé blew out softly. “Bien.” Hearing the pleasure in his voice, she cleared her throat, intending to discuss O’Malley’s rescue, but at that moment a raucous shout rang out below. A chorus of laughter drifted up the stairs, accompanying the announcement that filtered in the door, burning her ears and warming her cheeks.

The swallow-cock had surpassed her old record and was still going strong.

Flustered, Christiana tore her eyes from the door—and immediately wished she hadn’t when she saw Vallé’s intense blue gaze focused on her own mouth. He lifted one hand. Long, strong fingers, as elegant as a magician’s, motioned her to come closer. She remained rooted, torn, knowing she should speak, should tell him what she’d come here for but frozen by hesitation. Vallé tilted his head and smiled a little. The curve of his mouth was both sensual and tender; the beckoning warmth in his eyes melted her resistance. He’d always possessed infinite patience; now he exercised it, clearly wanting her but waiting for her to come to him.

As if she had a choice. After all these years of wanting him, it seemed a shattering miracle that he should want her, too.

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Erinn Ellender Quinn is a poet, a mystic, a dreamer, and a believer in love at first sight and happy endings.  She loves history, genealogy, myth and legend, and has been known to slip into silver buckled shoes and trod the boards at period dances.  First-hand experience helps her to bring the past to life when writing her sultry historical romances.

Erinn is published in other genres under different names.  Ride the Wind was her debut romance novel.


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Thank you for stopping by my blog today and meeting those talented, steamy authors. Come back next week for more excerpts and new authors for your e-reader and book shelf.

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