Be My Guest On Tuesday: Virgin Mate and Tia Didmon


Are you a fan of shifters romance and paranormal erotic adventures? Then I have something right up your street. Tia Didmon passed by to present you her new novel to your attention. Scroll down to the end for her exclusive offer – two chapters from her


Lucy Michaels, is about to realize her dream of becoming an international photographer, when an attack from a rogue cougar-shifter triggers her physical transformation to a species the world doesn’t know exists. As voraciously unstable appetites emerge, Talen Cascade, the sexy shifter who rescued her, embarks on a mission to integrate her into the ways of his clan and satiate her rising hunger.

While the rogue shifter continues to pursue Lucy, Talen discovers an unseen foe is hunting and experimenting on his species. Although Talen is convinced that Lucy is his true mate, only she can decide whether she belongs to him or the man who claimed her.



When he didn’t answer, she turned onto her back. “Talen. What else is going to happen?” He sighed. “Every time a section of your body reshapes your… heat will increase until you finally shift.” “Heat? Are you kidding? I’m not an animal!” she shouted. His eyes darkened. “You will be.”


An exclusive offer!

Grab the first chapters of the Virgin Mate here.

About Tia Didmon

Tia Didmon writes exotic paranormal romance and is happily married with three kids and one fur baby. While she calls Vancouver Island, Canada home. She loves to travel and can usually find a zipline along the way. She loves to connect with her readers as well as share her favorite meme’s. You can check those out on her Facebook page or Instagram.

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