Birthday Contest – Win Free E-Books and $30 Amazon Gift Card

I have a birthday next month and because of that I’d like to throw a little bit of contest with an Amazon Gift Card as a final prize. First of all, let’s lay down the rules.


Buy Me A Gift

1) Go to Amazon and buy one of my books (My perma-free, The Challenge, doesn’t count) – . Two of my books (Unorthodox Therapy and The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo) are on Kindle Unlimited so if you have subscription that also counts.

Write me A Few Sweet Words And I’ll Treat You

2) Give me a short, sweet and honest review, it doesn’t have to be a long essay or glowing five stars. Then I’ll give you a free book as a gift and a treat.
3) By May 10th I’ll also pick one of you for a special prize, a 30$ Amazon gift card.
4) Once you’re ready with the review, submit it here –
I will choose the winner on random principle through a random names selector and it doesn’t depend on how you have rated my book (1-stars are accepted as well.) Most of all, you can pick a short story, novella or a novel. I won’t take into consideration the length of the book that you have chosen.



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