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We all need some spanking and a bit of orgasms in our lives.




I’ve no intention of explaining my every command to you, pet. As a matter of fact, quit asking questions and do as you’re told. Take your clothes off. Now.
Lina Riley has proved herself as the tough as nails CEO of her own tech startup. She’s a masterful business negotiator, successful by any measure, but every day she’s losing her battle with nicotine addiction.

Thomas Jett, her former protégé, is a rising star in software development, one of her most promising employees. He might just have the right solution to her problems. To the world, Thomas is a sweet, refined gentleman. He opens doors for ladies and lights their cigarettes, not that Lina should be smoking in the first place. Little does she suspect him of having secret life: one of firm discipline, intense sexual dominance, and a well-equipped dungeon.

Lina will agree to play by his rules: a master’s discipline and uncompromising control. Spanking is merely the start of Lina experiencing her wildest and most shameful fantasies. She’ll learn the cruelty of orgasm denial and the thrill of submission at Thomas’ feet.
Is their depraved passion and lust for each other what they truly need? Or will it lead them to disgrace and heartbreak?

#SatSpanks Teaser

“You will cum now, pet, and you will not stop until I say so. Cum now!” Thomas bit my
earlobe and his palm smacked my clit again, which was the final straw for my will power.

I thought my climax from last week had been mind blowing but it was nothing compared to what he did to my body in those minutes. No more quiet moans and porn orgasm sounds. My lungs hurt from my howls of ecstasy when the series of powerful orgasms shattered my body. Thomas ground his tip harder against my most sensitive spot. He kept up his rhythm of spanking my clit with an open palm. My orgasm juices erupted from my tight womb while I writhed under him, hurting with all the pleasure, finding elation in the pain.

“Don’t you dare stop. Keep cumming for me, Lina,” he hissed in my ear and tugged my clit at the same time. As if I had any choice.

I hope you found your small piece of heat with this excerpt. You can always one-click the book for more. The novel is also available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

However, if that is not quite what you’re looking for, head back to Saurday Spanking HQ and find your disciplinary pleasure. Either way, enjoy your #SatSpanks!

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4 thoughts on “#SatSpanks No More Quiet Moans #BDSM #Unorthodox Therapy

  1. Every excerpt I’ve read from this book is incredibly intense. How can they sustain such an explosive relationship over time? I’d be totally exhausted. Makes me wonder if they have any quiet moments and what they would be like. They also make me want to read more.

    1. Yes, probably over the course of the trilogy I’d get them to find the balance between intense passion and normal life. They do have some quiet moments in Book 1.

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