Blood And Spice: A Halloween Steamy Menage – New Release + $25 Amazon GC Contest

My Halloween menage story is already live and you can order it on Amazon or read it on Kindle Unlimited. Check out the excerpts below to see if you’d love to read that book.



There will be a red moon in the mountains this Halloween.

An immortal witch, her pet werewolf and an ancient vampire walk into a bookshop…
Laurel seduced Crescent Moon Springs from the moment she stepped in the little town, with her raven hair, silver tongue, and the spicy drinks at her bookshop. Her assistant Corwin allured the visitors just as much with his dark beauty and aura of mystery. No one suspected of their secret life and the power she has over him.
On the night of Halloween, a stranger with long hair and sharp teeth walks in their cozy life. Nothing will ever be the same after that night of rough submission and exquisite erotic torture.
Severin will push Mistress Laurel and her loyal pet to dark places they had never been to. Can their bond survive?

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Steamy 18+

That’s a good boy. You’ll be an obedient little pet and we’ll both enjoy ourselves. Do you understand? Now get on your knees and crawl to the bed.”

That had to be a dream. A confusing, sinful and sexy dream that made no sense. Corwin was a force of nature who obeyed no one but her. Severin repeated his order one more time in a stern voice and Corwin got down on his knees.

She shook her head in disbelief and pinched her nipple one more time. Sharp pain pierced her flesh but reality didn’t change. Did she have a nightmare or was her sanity slipping away?

How?” Laurel asked when Severin returned to her with his arrogant smirk. Instead of responding he picked her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to the bed. Her breasts crushed against his chest and the hard tip of his cock rubbed her clit.

Tell me, Laurel, did two men ever share you?” His fingers dug in her red ass cheeks. “You’re too much of a woman. Only one man can’t handle you.”

Yes, once two men shared me.” She bit her tongue. “I hated every minute.”

You’ll enjoy every minute with us, I’ll make sure of that.” Severin squeezed her in his lean arms and whispered to her. Laurel’s head was spinning. How would she handle two supernatural creatures to share her body? “Prepare for the fucking of your life.”

Corwin was already laying on his back and waiting for them with a hand wrapped around his shaft. He growled, but it was more subdued sound. An evil smile crossed his face once he saw Laurel in Severin’s arms. She squirmed with discomfort but her traitorous body surrendered to the lust.

It would happen. Her Master and her pet would have her body, her holes, they’d have her in every possible way and she was helpless to stop it.


She didn’t want them to stop.

Severin lowered her on top of Corwin’s throbbing shaft and teased her soaked folds with its tip.

You’re used to being on top, aren’t you, princess?” He whispered with a mocking voice in her ear. His strong palms held her in a secure position and she placed her knees on both sides of Corwin’s body. Laurel made a mewling sound while the tall, column of his hardened flesh penetrated her slick tunnel. Her cry grew louder once her wolf put his arms on the small of her waist and raised his ass to get deep inside her.

The dancing light before her eyes smeared before her eyes when her walls wrapped around Corwin. Her juices were flowing down and coating the man beneath her as she got used to his size. Severin moved her hair away and kissed her shoulder. He continued to play with her clit and nipples and whisper dirty words of seduction in her ear. Laurel screamed out once Corwin surrendered to his passion and fucked her harder. His claws left marks on her ass but not enough to form scars as if another force controlled him.

I love you… Please, remember that.” She looked down at his wild eyes and hoped that her words got to him.



“Don’t disobey me, Corwin, come and fuck me now. Spank and fuck me. I’m your slut now.” His Mistress ordering him to dominate her. How ironic was that?

“Please, Mistress… Don’t make me do that. I… I don’t think I can handle it tonight.” He buried face in his hands and his mighty shoulders trembled as if he was trying to hold back his sobs. She heard him speak, muted and full of silent terror. “It’s a full moon… You know what I’m capable of when… Please, don’t… I can never forgive myself if I harm you.”

A strong ache went through her heart at these words and the mysterious voice faded. Just as the unnatural lust that pushed her into insanity. The moment her painful arousal faded Laurel looked down at her pet. He was trying to keep it together but his strong shoulders didn’t stop shaking. The sudden rush of guilt made her forget the submissive cravings.

She was his Mistress, and it was her role to take care of him.

He was in such a fragile state of mind and Laurel acted like a horny bitch in heat.

“Come here.” Laurel laid down on her back, on top of the stack of pillows. “Lie next to me, little wolf and relax.”

Corwin raised his eyes, red with tears, filled with frustration and anger. He was only a little upset, but it hurt her to see him in any distress. Hesitation still lingered in his gaze but he complied with her soft request.

Laurel wrapped her arms around him when he climbed on the bed and rested his head on her shoulder. She kissed him on the lips and ran fingers through his hair. Corwin closed his eyes and calmed his breathing down. Her soft kisses and tender voice eased the tension in him and he relaxed in his Mistress’ arms.

“I’m sorry… I know what you’re going through.” She said. “It’s just that…”

“That stranger is messing with your mind. He was downstairs in the shop, wasn’t he?” His voice was grim just like his expression. If there was any bitterness or accusation, he hid it very well.

“You… how do you know about him?” Laurel asked and pulled him closer so his head would lie on her breasts.

“Oh, Mistress… How can a smart woman like you be so blind?” Corwin chuckled. “There’s nothing you can do without me knowing about it.”

He raised his hand and caressed her cheek. “You seem to forget how connected we are, Laurel… and how sensitive my hearing is at full moon. I heard you talking loud and clear as if I were downstairs with you. You have been hiding things from me haven’t you?”

Laurel’s sides turned pink at those words. She tried to look away, but he slid his palm to cup her chin and didn’t allow her. These sporadic gestures of dominance always made her weak in the knees.

You… you could feel him as well?” She spoke with the soft voice of a scared, little bird. How much she hated when she sounded that way.

Corwin nodded and buried his face in her shoulder. His stubble scratched her skin. “Yes… That fucking stench was messing with my head. That’s why I had headaches and couldn’t focus on anything. I wish you had told me.”


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