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99c OLIVER from BLAIRE’S WORLD by Anna Edwards
99c HUNTER’S BABY GIRL by Samantha Morgan:
99c DON’T LET ME by Marie Skye:
99c CRAVE by Dani René:
99c HER MERC by Logan Fox:
99c CROSSING THE LINE by Nikki Rose:
99c FIGHT ME, DADDY by Zoe Blake:
99c FALL by Bella Love Wins:
99c TRAGIC BEAUTY by Iris Ann Hunter:
99c POPPY by Kailee Samuels:
99c BLACK LIGHT PURGED by Livia Grant:

Freebie DETOUR by DeeDee Prince:
Freebie AWAKE by Ashleigh Giannoccaro:
Freebie 8 DAYS FOR SALVATION by Yolanda Olson:
Freebie DARK ALLEY by D.S. Wrights – Author:
Freebie UNORTHODOX THERAPY by Lilah E. Noir:
Freebie DEAR OBSESSED by Author Dori Lavelle:
Freebie ONE WILD NIGHT by Vivian Ward:
Freebie LOVE, LIES & THE D.A. by Rebecca Rohman:

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