Author Spotlight: Nicolina Martin

Nicolina is a medical professional, a mother, a cat lover, and a movie fan. She’s also one of the rising stars of dark romance (even if she refers to herself as more of a light gray kind of author). Nicolina might be new but she sure makes her debut with a bang. Her first novelContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Nicolina Martin”

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  ★☆ Amazing Delicious Romance ★☆     FREE ON KU Avelyn Paige, Ellen Whyte, AJ Adams, Mary Winter, Suz DeMello, L.A. Remenicky, Lilah E. Noir, Ellen Mint, Naughty Literati, L. Steinworth Check out this romance collection, and read them all FREE with KU!   Read It On KU USA Read It OnContinue reading “★☆October Awesome KU Reads★☆ Amazing Delicious Romance ★☆”