Daily Prompt: Pearl

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Daily prompt: #Pearl



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She plays with the string of pearls around her neck. Her fingers move gingerly along the little creamy spheres.

Lily squeezes them like a protection token, and averts her bright eyes of a scared little girl.

Lily… Strange name for a grown-up woman but it fits her.

Like those pearls. Not exactly white, blending different nuances between creamy and pink.

The pearls of a young, shy girl caught in the body of a mature woman.

A woman with hair of autumn leaves and porcelain skin.

To break her would be as easy as to rip her necklace.

She needs it. Lily needs someone to shatter her shell of protection.

She looks up from the purse in her lap and once again the shape and color of her eyes strike me.

Such pale blue.


I want to capture it.

It’s hard to believe she’s in her early forties and a mother of two.

From the moment she walked in Lily’s been blushing and looking down, avoiding the naked portraits on my walls.

Does she ever stays naked when she’s alone; does she touch those perky breasts?


I doubt she ever had an orgasm.

“So when can I start painting you?” I smirk and reached out to touch her hair.

Lily trembles like a leaf when I stroke her carefully arranged tresses.

I want to enjoy unfolding her layer by layer. My fingers keep their journey up her cheek.

The bright red colors her delicate skin again and she squirms.

I’ll make sure that little pearl would scream before I was done with her.

“I’m not here for that… I… want you to stay away from my son. I know what they say about you and your… school.”

“Oh, how you sound. Like I’m the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who’s trying to corrupt your son.” I laugh, stroke her jaw lovingly and lean forward, about to kiss her. Lilly doesn’t stop me. “He doesn’t come here against his will. He knows I’m the only artist he can learn something from.”

She tries to move but I have her in my tight, delicate grasp.

“Those parties you throw…” Her voice shakes.

“What about them?” My mouth’s so close to hers but I won’t kiss her… yet.

“They’re inappropriate… They’re nude and…”

“Your boy is nearly eighteen.” My free hand reaches for her pearls. “You believe he’s never seen a naked woman? He hasn’t touched one? If you do…” I laugh and let go of her. Lily’s breathless and unable to respond. She touches her face where my fingers left their mark.

“… then you’re even more naive than I thought. You need an education yourself. I should invite you to my parties.”

“I… I don’t believe…”

“What I believe, Lily…” I put an emphasis on her name and sat back in my armchair. “… is that soon you’ll be posing on your knees here. Naked. And those pretty pearls…”

She squeezes the necklace.

“They’ll be wrapped around your wrists.”

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