#MidWeekTease – Strangers In The Night


Morning, Wednesday lovers. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing teasers and snippets of my new NaNo project, a boxed set of five novellas named Strangers In The Night. A straight up kinky erotica of the adventures of a socially awkward nymphomaniac and the stranger who knows what she needs. That’s a little part of Vol. I, The Challenge. The cover is temporary.


I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes to release some of the tension and fatigue. It was so difficult to stay invisible or keep my expression neutral while I was staring at him and Kristen. He didn’t look at me. He just talked to her with a casual smirk on his breathtaking face, oblivious to the chaos of hormones he had stirred in my brain.

It was next to impossible to control myself, a task no less challenging than when I tried not to play with myself at least one night a week. I leaned back against the kitchen counter and fixed my gaze on him with the same intense gaze of an addict to their favorite drug.

I was the type of girl who got along better with computers than other humans. Still, in that instant, as I observed him I had a powerful premonition about the type of man he was. His eyes effused strength on a much deeper level. Domineering, without being offensive or abusive. Commanding yet respectful. He knew what he wanted and how he wanted it.

Something told me he could be the type of man whose strength and character can match my own and top it up.

Strength? Character? Shut the fuck up, you don’t even have the strength to stop…

He was someone who could handle and tame my unnatural lust. I hardly knew him and yet I was convinced he’d not get scared or intimidated by the power of my desires, their nature and everything I have to offer. The type I’d gladly submit my body to. Someone who’d made me beg him to ravage me, drink me up and ask for more when our bodies melted into each other and our fluids mix…


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