Get a free copy of Berlin Exile by Anthony Adler

My good friend of Fick Schon РAnthony Adler Рis giving a free promotion of his debut novel Berline Exile Рan erotic urban romance. You can get your copy via Amazon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to have a taste of his style before that you can also get his collection of poetry and short stories via Smashword and/or Amazon.

Synopsis: Jamie Stolts is a cocky and ambitious London lad on the career path. The pursuit of wealth, one-night stands and classic British music are the only things that matter. While closing the deal of his career, a reckless office fling proves to be his downfall. The repercussions are swift for Jamie, he is ousted from his job and exiled to Berlin, Germany. A complete disaster, his career ruined, his future in the dust.

Against his will, Jamie is forced to try and integrate into the strange city that is Berlin. Prostitutes, expats, non-stop clubbing, a new job and new relationships open his eyes to new possibilities. Along the way, a true East Berliner girl with a tragic past takes Jamie under her wing. With her guidance, Jamie is seduced into a sexual subculture that forces him to question everything about himself and his future. Pushed to his sexual limits, Jamie must make the decision of his lifetime.

Weaving the fascinating history of Berlin and inspired by real life events, Berlin Exile is a full-length novel that juxtaposes a modern day Berlin against its past, its inhabitants and its unofficial claim as the capital of kink.

Set to a Coldwave soundtrack and the extraordinary beat of Berlin, Berlin Exile is an introspective urban psycho-sexual ascent to self-discovery.

In Berlin, everyone has a chance to discover themselves…

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