Review of Blind Sensations by Ashlee Shades


Author: Ashlee Shades

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM Lite

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My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Blurb: “When you are ready; when you are fully prepared, I will give you exactly what you want. I will bring you to the height of passion over and over again with my hands and my lips. I will kiss, suck, and caress each and every inch of your luscious body. And then, when you are at that peak, I will drive into you and send you soaring over the edge.”

Samantha, a successful and driven career girl, has decided enough is enough. After a series of horrible blind dates in which the men were either too young, too old, or just plain too self-centered, she has called an end to her dating life and decides to remain single for the rest of her days.

That is until she receives an enticing invitation, via email, from an anonymous sender for passionate, sensual lessons on the five senses: Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing. He promises to teach her of her own deepest, darkest desires and cravings.

The only caveat: She must wear a blindfold during each lesson, and he will always remain anonymous throughout all their passionate lessons; and they will have to say good-bye at the completion of the final lesson.

Thrown into the mix is a hot office co-workers, who she is physically attracted to.

Will Samantha fall victim to the romance of the passionate billionaire’s lessons, in the hopes of creating a more pleasurable, sensual bedroom experience in her future?

Will she ever find out who this mystery billionaire “Teacher” is?

Review: If we compare a well written erotic novel, regardless of its variety, as a well-constructed cake with many layers joined together by delicious vanilla cream or dark chocolate, then Blind Sensations is one of those petite and tempting pastries that you can take in one bite. While they can’t offer you the prolonged exploration and complexity their taste, words and images make for one wonderful reading.

The author Ashlee Shades leads us into a world of tender, sensual domination, a study of all the details we miss as we go along our daily life, blind to the pleasures we can offer to ourselves.

Her main character Samantha is a young, beautiful and talented woman who appears to be the full package. Yet she is also jaded, tired and sexually frustrated. I could definitely identify myself with her lack of satisfaction, just like many single working girls with bad luck in dating. She seems to have the worst kind of friends who keep on setting her up with the least inappropriate male specimens.

After all, why do you need to spend your evenings bored to death or plain irritated when you can bring yourself much more pleasure in your bath tub with a good book in your hand?

In the moment when our heroine is about to give up on love and relationships, she gets an invitation for an adventure. A mysterious figure named solely as The Teacher offers Samantha a series of lessons that are meant to help her find her deeply buried desires. She is reluctant at first but that inner need for more than what life can hand her Samantha throws caution to the wind and follows the instructions sent to her by the Teacher.

She is rewarded generously for her trust and bravery and gets more than she bargained for albeit always wearing a silken blindfold. Temporarily deprived of her vision Samantha sets out to experience the rest of the senses under the kind guidance of her anonymous Teacher. The mystery surrounding his persona awakes her acute imagination and dormant sensuality. Yet the romantic side always aspires to know the truth.

After all, how can you go back to your ordinary life, bad dates, and stale sex when you have experienced a higher state of pleasure? Will Samantha become a new, improved version of herself, will she ever take the blindfold off and see the truth?

While I really enjoyed that novella and devoured its content over night it left me craving for more. The writing was fluent, the characters were likable and easy to identify with, the sex scenes were intense and hot.

Yet it all got resolved and tied in a pink bow almost without effort. I wish we had spent more time with Samantha and the Teacher, that she wasn’t such an obedient student, that she made mistakes and got corrected. Not that I’d expect any kind of hardcore BDSM punishment in a tender erotic romance. However, we always appreciate the happy ending if we had gone through more obstacles. Senses are not that easy to awaken so I wish that the Teacher had spent more time on each individual one. I wasn’t too surprised with the twist at the end either.

That is not to say that Blind Sensations didn’t leave me with a smile on my face. It is a hot, little read that I recommend to everyone who needs an escape from reality into the kingdom of Taste, Touch, Smell and Sound. The good thing is that this is not our last date with Samantha and the Teacher for the author works on the sequel named Blind Seductions. I look forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

Hotly recommended for all the single ladies looking for a pleasant read with a glass of their preferred beverage after a long, tiring day.

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