#MasturbationMonday – A Lesson Of Erotic #Hypnotism Foreshadowing: A Night To Remember


Morning, my faithful audience. If you are looking for an orgasmic start of your week and something that can sweet your morning coffee you’re at the right place. I’m sharing a bit of one of my short stories, Foreshadowing: A Night To Remember. A masked man, an eager young woman, two living statues… 


That was the moment when the lust prevailed, as well as the raw desire, the longing to connect and feel that burning passion he was talking about so beautifully. At that point I didn’t care who he was, I didn’t want to know anything of his life, his past. I couldn’t care less what he looked like. Our spirits were alike, and I realized he was the only one capable of seeing and appreciating the real Sophie. That epiphany reflected on my physical state and before I knew my thighs were smeared with wet juices. I squeezed them and placed my hands on the table trying to calm myself down. My nipples were visibly hard under the thin fabric of my dress.

“Care to know a little secret of mine, Sophie? The Allure of Hypnos is more than it appears.”

“Yes, it’s a brilliant piece of literature…”

“It’s a study on the art of erotic hypnotism. Allow me.” He turned to the blond goddess with the signature wicked smile. “Meagan.” My body trembled in response even if his words were aimed for her. “You will experience the most genuine orgasm you’ve ever felt in your life. And you will climax without changing your seductive position.”

Cristophe hasn’t even finished his sentence when the beautiful girl started cumming. When he gave his command to the naked Venus, Meagan, I turned my attention to her, noticing the slight shift in her eyes. By that moment, both her and ‘David’ did their part perfectly and their gazes were as listless as it gets. However, at that moment, his eyes were already burning with white hot lust. I stared at Meagan while she came, struck by her ability to climax without a change in the posture and the power of pleasure Cristophe had provoked through a simple order. The juices of climax were flowing down her perfect, marble-like thigh. I gulped, unable to conceal my enthusiasm and wish to lick her skin and drink the nectar.

I composed myself enough to make my next move and opened my purse passing the book across the table to its author.


The story was planned as a novel once… let me know if you think I should pull it out of the unfinished projects draft and expand it. However, first, go back to Masturbation Monday HQ as a lot of sweet pleasures await for you there.


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