Be My Guest On Tuesday: Drew Sera and Alone: The Everett Gaming Series Book 4


It’s Tuesday again and I have another talented guest for you. Drew Serra is an author I had the pleasure of meeting because of the Facebook party in honour of Part 4 of her BDSM series The Everett Gaming. I’ve just started reading Fragile, the beginning of these series and I think I’ll grow to love it. So, meet Drew and her characters.



The Everett Gaming Series will chronicle the journey of a male Dominant, Colin Everett, in the BDSM lifestyle. The dark series will focus on the difficult road that Colin will venture down as he becomes immersed in the life of a tortured, young submissive.



Colin and Anthony’s world has gone dark. They’re thrown into a tumultuous mind game with Paul, a sadistic man who is determined to take everything from Colin. The weapon of choice…abduction. Paul takes the one thing that will destroy Colin and everyone close to him: Sydney.

Sydney’s only crime was being the one person Colin and Anthony can’t live without. As a pawn in a disturbing game of mental, physical and emotional torture, Sydney must rely on herself to survive. Alone, she digs deep to find her strength and love for Colin and Anthony to help her through Paul’s destructive plans.

“Alone” will claw at your heart in the most violent ways as you watch the damage unfold and hearts tear. The manipulative moves from the sadist take their toll on Colin, Anthony and Sydney. Colin and Anthony instilled strength and love in Sydney, but will it be enough for her to survive at the hands of a man dead set on shattering Colin?


Friday, January 10th


I woke up feeling sick, and all I could see was a cement wall. When I tried sitting up, I realized my arms were chained. I was chained! What happened? What did I do wrong? Why was I here, and where the hell was I?

“Think Sydney!” I yelled at myself while looking around the room. Think. Calm down and think. Just like Colin and Anthony have told you; relax, calm down, and think.

Where was I?

I looked around frantically in the dark room, but in the corner was a small flashlight that was on. My shoes, jeans, and sweatshirt were gone. I had on my panties and tank top. Where were my other clothes?

Was this a game? Had I been bad, and Colin and Anthony were punishing me? Are they punishing me? What did I do? Think Sydney! I thought for a few moments about that as a possibility but shook it out of my mind. No, Colin and Anthony wouldn’t do this to me. If they have something for me to work on or correct, they’re honest and talk to me and we work on it. Not this. They wouldn’t do this!

Then what was going on?

Think Sydney!

I shut my eyes and took a few deep breaths. What do I remember last…shopping with Gina! Gina and I had been shopping, and I was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. But she never came out. No! A guy bumped me and then he covered my mouth with a cloth.

Shit! Was Gina okay?

Who was that man?

I tried to think and think, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

I was crying when I heard a noise and looked in the opposite corner. I wasn’t alone. A man stood, up but I couldn’t make out his face with the shadows. I just knew it wasn’t Anthony or Colin, or Matt. From where I sat, he wasn’t recognizable.

He began walking towards me, and then I saw his face. It was the sadist from the club. It was Paul. Was he the man who bumped, me or was he here to help me?

“We have some rules here, Sydney,” he said.

Oh my God. He wasn’t here as my ally. He was the reason I was here!

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FRAGILE: BOOK ONE in The Everett Gaming Series

Powerful and handsome CEO Colin Everett, is a well respected Dom and takes an active role educating within the BDSM community. Colin’s interest in a young woman at work begins to take over most of his waking thoughts as he discovers that she has been experimenting in the BSDM lifestyle.

Troubled Sydney Burke is a late twenty-something focused on fading into the background at her dream job. Sydney has a lot going on in her life while trying desperately to keep her personal life from colliding with her work life.

Colin begins fantasizing about training Sydney and help her to build confidence. While he is determined to be patient with her an untimely incident at work makes Colin concerned that Sydney may be in some sort of trouble. The Dom in him wants to protect her from everything and pushes to uncover what, or whom, she’s hiding from.

Will Colin get the chance to train and work with Sydney? Hopefully he won’t be too late.

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BELONGING: BOOK TWO in The Everett Gaming Series

After spending so much time with Colin and Anthony, Sydney has become unavoidably attached to the two Doms and best friends. With Sydney’s first public scene rapidly approaching her, heart begs her to speak up and voice her true desire for her Top. While visible wounds and hidden scars cause Sydney to worry and doubt herself as a worthy play partner or submissive for anyone, they don’t stop her from fantasizing that she belongs to Colin or Anthony…or both.

As Colin and Anthony continue to work with Sydney they begin to unravel the nightmare life that she has been living. The connection and chemistry between Anthony and Sydney becomes more apparent. Colin wants nothing more than for Sydney to be in a happy and healthy D/s relationship and he knows his best friend can give that to her along with anything else under the sun. The only problem is that Colin’s idea is met with resistance from Anthony. But with the clock ticking closer to Sydney’s first public scene, Colin has to move quickly.

Will Colin be able to convince Anthony that he is the right Dom for Sydney without his own feelings getting in the way and will their strong friendship and bond survive?

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US: BOOK THREE in The Everett Gaming Series

Colin and Anthony begin to push Sydney harder, taking her deeper into their world of BDSM as they cautiously navigate around her triggers. Their hopes are to discover who Sydney really is and encourage her out of her shell. Sydney proves to be full of surprises as Colin and Anthony try to establish where her limits are at. But second-guessing, worrying and a horrific past life continues to plague Sydney during her sleeping and waking hours.

Your heart will swell at the progress and ache with the stumbles as you continue on the emotional journey with Colin, Sydney and Anthony in “Us.” As walls are torn down more wounds are discovered. Hearts will come together as bonds strengthen to mend scars that have never seen the light of day.

“Us” will show that sometimes even the most unconventional relationships can provide exactly what someone needs. But even surrounded by love and unconditional support, chilling darkness still lurks around the corner in the shadows.

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Drew Sera was born and raised in Sin City and has been immersed in the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive since 2011. As a native to Las Vegas, it was only natural for Drew to incorporate her love of Sin City in her books. Her knowledge of both the city and the lifestyle has given her insight and first hand experience on the actual fears and emotions that her characters go through. It’s through the relationships she forged there that she is able to give a realistic glimpse at the everyday side to this wonderful lifestyle.

She attributes much of her learning to her longtime partner and Dom who has encouraged her freedom to explore. She also credits for connecting her with so many amazing people in the lifestyle. Drew prides herself on learning about alternative lifestyles by asking questions, attending classes and reaching out to many people in all aspects of the BDSM community. While Drew is primarily focused on writing, her creativity stretches beyond words; she draws a wicked stick figure.


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