#MasturbationMonday – Only Good Pets Get Pleasured 18+


What better way to start the week with a little bit of morning guilty pleasure under the sheets? I may as well  turn that into a Monday Moaning tradition.


The name didn’t evoke any reaction from her and Lina kissed my cock, slurping the mixture of fluids without a care for how filthy she appeared. Her mouth closed around me and I knew the time was coming. My bulbous head was rubbing at the back of her throat, pushing it wide open. I started thrusting my hips mercilessly until Lina choked. Her tears of effort, the fluids running down her face, how she rolled her eyes to the back of her head – it was all too much to bear. I wanted to prolong the pleasure and hold my own orgasm back but it nearly knocked me down with its power. I almost blacked out when my cock exploded in a powerful climax, unloading in her receptive mouth. The blast of pure pleasure rendered me speechless, numb and shivering while Lina was suffocating on the thick ropes of sperm filling her mouth and throat.
This woman was too much.
I came to my senses as she released her throat enough to clean my shaft with slow, kitten-like licks. Her face was tear strained and she was coughing, but she looked rather smug and pleased with herself while she licked my cock.
“Is my Sir pleased with his pet?” she uttered in a seductive voice, kissing my tip. “Perhaps I can get him hard again?”
“Aw, my poor naïve kitten.” I stroked her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her lips without a care that I’d taste my own cum on her tongue. She blinked in surprise and stared at me with an uneasy expression. I spoke in an openly condescending tone and patted her stained cheek, “I don’t think it will be good if I join my party with another raging erection, don’t you agree, boss?”
“But…” Her expression was so devastated I couldn’t help laughing again. “But I haven’t cum yet!”
“It’s how I planned it, Lina. I won’t fuck you yet. Only good pets get to be pleasured by their Master.”


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